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Putting Two and Two Together


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When the Accepted was dismissed from the Green Sister's room she waited until she was out of the Halls to remove the letter she had kept hidden. She held her breath as she drew it hoping it would still be in tact. She smiled when she saw it was in prestine condition and she quickly made her way back to Tayva Sedai's rooms. She was just a little be upset that she had arrived there when she did. She was not going to be anything after this, except studying, but this was much more interesting. She wished she had more time to figure out the connection between these three, and why there were all so quick to respond today, but it could be almost anything. Well, she was here now and she had served her purpose, as small as it may have been. That small accomplishment was enough to give her satisfaction and with a contented smile on her face the Accepted knocked on the White Sister's door.

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OOC: Psst! Jay didn't give you a message so I'm ignoring that part so you just have the one. :wink:


IC: By the time that Kathleen got back again Tayva had managed to gather her serenity back once more. Everything was going as planned, actually a lot easier than she had thought she could hope even. At the knock at the door Tayva responded with a quick, "Come in." and set her teacup down lightly on the table which she used for company. When she was Kathleen she motioned the girl over to the chair opposite where she was sitting.


"So, how did it go?" After Kathleen sat down she handed Tayva the message that she had been given. "Only one message this time?" Taking in the brief nod she offered the girl to help herself to some tea while she read it. The seal was that of the Red Ajah so it must have been from Zarinen.


I look forward to an informative and elucidating afternoon.


Yours in the Light,

Zarinen Rafaliva

Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah


There might have been something to read into that, but Tayva highly doubted it. Most likely it meant exactly as it said. Folding it back together and putting it down on the edge of her desk she picked up her teacup once more. "Now, I said I would be happy to answer any questions you had about my collections if you wished after you were done. Do you have any questions, child?"


Her collection of oddities was from all over the world. One shelf was dedicated to fireworks parts, another to instruments, and another to weapons. Books of every type were along another wall, some held nothing but pictures while others held no words and had raised dots for those who were blind. She also had a collection of spiritual items from several different countries and one of small figurines of women. Most would call her study cluttered, but she liked it that way, each piece reminded her about a different point of view and how many different points of view there were.

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OOC: The letter I was talking about was the the one from Zarinen that she had hidden before she went into Jaydena's room. Not that the details really matter at this point :smile:




Kathleen was greeted at the door and offered a seat. She bobbed a curtsy as she made her way to the chair Tayva Sedai had motioned to, and it wasn't until she was in the seat that she realized she hadn't given her the message from Zarinen. She quickly handed the envelope to the White Sister and as Tayva turned to read the note Kathleen poured herself a cup of tea and let her gaze fall back to the fireworks. When she had finished reading it Tavya spoke, "Now, I said I would be happy to answer any questions you had about my collections if you wished after you were done. Do you have any questions, child?"


Kathleen quickly looked at the woman and she knew there was no way to hide that she had been inquisitively staring at the perplexing pieces she had asked about on her first visit here. Kathleen's cheeks flushed as she said, "You had said earlier that these are pieces of Illuminator fireworks, and that you had been able to study them when you befriended the Head of the Guild. I've been trying to figure out how the pieces go together, and how they work, but I just can't make any sense of it. I know you can't give out any details, but could you tell me a little more about them?" She wished she could learn how to make them, how to set them off, and really just what they were and why they worked, but she didn't know how much of that could be told, hopefully Tayva would be able to tell her something. "Do these pieces still work? Do you know how to make them, or how to make these work? And if it's not too intrusive, how did you come to keep these pieces?" Kathleen opened her mouth as if to add more, then closed it again, "I'm sorry I'm rambling so, its just that I have been thinking on these fireworks since I saw them here while you were writing your first letters I delivered for you." She did want to know more about the contents of those letters, but she knew better than to pry into those affairs.

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