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Le Auberge Chez Francois (Great Falls, VA)


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L'Auberge Chez Francois


Address: 332 Springvale Road

        Great Falls, Virginia 22066


Contact Details: (703) 759-3800 for reservations



Website: http://www.laubergechezfrancois.com/


Category: French


Price for a meal for two: I estimate basic meals for two teether around $100 - $120 depending on what you order. The fare is set by selecting each course, although other options are available (albeit for a upgrade the price goes up). They have a family dinner option for $54.




Winding my way down a large country road lined with McMansion homes, one doesn't quite expect to find an Alsatian cottage. While the entrance and interior decor is kept very much with the french country theme, its outside terrace is absolutely goregous. Even as I took my seat, I could see a fox running in the rolling meadow behind the resturant. I took this as a sign the menu would bode well.


The waiter was extremly curteous and took time to explain the all about the course selection as I myself can not read French. After ordering wine from an immense selection , I made my course choices:

Appetizer: Une crêpe à la ciboulette, farcie d'une duxelle de champignons sauvages, Maman Cécile and French onion soup.

Entree: I had the cheatubriand (strictly a meal for two). This was my first time having the famed dish, but I found the meat to be extremly succlent and tender, and went well with an aside of black truffle sause.

Dessert: I decided to forgo the usual dessert fare and ordered the Baked Alaska.

Between each course, the waiter brought us special treats from the kitchen, more tasty than the last to clean our palette. Some of these included: Quiche loiranne, an selection of fine cheese with a wonder pairing of wine, and mango sorbet. I found that the serving staff was very attentive and I never had to call upon them through my entire meal.


While the place certain began to fill up fast ( jacket and ties please), the conversations around were kept mildly audible as not to distract from enjoying my dinner. Monisuer Francois happened to be in the resturant and even made the rounds greeting me at my table. Giving compliments to him, I couldn't help but smile as we left the resturant, as there seems to be a monthly contest for whom draws Monsieur Francois characiture the best- winning a free meal.



Overall Verdict

Wonderful venue for an intimate dinner for two or a formal group event, and being that this was only my 3rd time having french cuisine, I highly recommend it. It was a wonderful experience, and frankly some of the best food I've had in my life. I left quite full, and happy. If my only complain, is that it can get a little pricey. The second time I went here I decided to have much more, and left with a bill over over $400 dollars. Then again, if you have no problem with paying for good food or wine, this is an excellent choice.



Each category is out of 5


Ambience: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Value for Money: 5






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Well its all in Frnech, but there are some english subtitles on main courses, other things are all in english....so its not too bad. Although I tend to find subtitles of the dish names dont always so accurate depict the dish very well!

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This sounds nice but I am curious about your chateaubriand.  Was it the more traditional 5 to 6 inch cut or the modern 2-3 inch?  I ask as you say it was served with the truffle sauce which is a departure from the original butter sauce or even the more accepted béarnaise sauce. 


Also was it real Black Truffle Sauce or was it essence of if it was real that is why the price was so steep.  That would be super extravagant for the chateaubriand.  It all sounds absolutely wonderful, bit of Irony you went with the baked Alaska there.    As you let the French history bathe your meal only the cap it with the uniquely American dessert from New York. 


Their web site is marvelous and very enticing this may turn into a weekend trip for me and kitten.  Thanks for the info. 


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It was definately more the traditional cut, although to be honest being that it was my first time trying it. Im a novice when it comes to French fare, but my wife sugessted that the chateaubriand would be a good entry. While the meat was succilent and cooked in a demi-glaze with the sliced truffles and (what I believe to be baby bela), although it had hints of butter flavor with white wine. It might not have been truffle sauce in a traditional sense, but I wasnt sure what to call it  :D


The price was steep, but for all the courses, I left feeling very staisfied. The price did creep up with all the options they give you, such as salad, or if you would like foris gras. The baked Alaska was also an extra charge instead of a standard souffle, but I chose the Alaska as its always been a comfort food of mine. One that, I rarely get.


The meal was wonderful and the setting very idea for a romantic dinner for two. But If you want another wonderful dinning experience at a cheaper price, there is a wonderful Belgian place here that I enjoy. Its been awhile since I've been...but perhaps I should write a review for it soon.


Heres its website :)


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The price is high but if its worth it then its worth it.  and yes please write a review for the other if we go up there it will be a weekend adventure.


“black truffle” sauce is a bit different than your traditional butter sauce garnished with Crimini mushrooms ( if they were the little button looking things “Baby Bella” is a marketing name used to trick people into paying more for the same thing.  All button/crimini mushrooms can turn into a Portabella if left alone, basically just the difference between an open cap and a closed button.  The open cap provides more of an earthy flavor due to its age.)  If however if it was like thin sheets of mushroom meat (something like chipped beef only in mushroom form) then you likley had some sort of truffle could be white based on the price.  However the black truffle is famous in french foods and it is out of season (best in dec) so if it looked like the above description but black then indeed it was black truffles.    Now Black Truffle sauce is something else all together, made with the elusive Black truffle or the cheaper Black Truffle oil (no where neat the punch or body of the real thing) it alone can set you back.  “As of December 2009, black truffles were sold for about 1,000€ per kilo in a farmer's market and 3,490€ per kilo in a retail sale.”



Sorry I studied in France and Israel for my culinary training, I am a pastry chief by first trade but you learn a bit of everything along the way.  I would have love to see a picture of the plate, (though I know it’s not kosher to do so, people have threatened to leave when I’ve done it as I wanted it for research.)    :P 


All in all a great review thank you for the input. 


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