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Hi everybody. Just registered and thought I'd introduce myself. Nothing to say about myself since I'm pretty boring, but I look forward to participating in the community.



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Glad to see yet another new face besides mine, Rumor! :D


I hope you enjoy your stay at the Dragonmount Suite and please, head on over to Fiddlesticks for a bunch of spam, spam, spam, and total randomness! Hope to see ya there! :D


And welcome again, Rumor! :D



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:wink: I believe DV means "KERSPLODING" which, if you didn't know, is way worse than simply exploding. And yes that is a problem that is going on in all the bedrooms from floor 3 up. And the only room left is on floor 6, sorry, but maybe the couch would serve best! :wink:
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Guest Egwene

Hi Rumor :)


look, despite anyone here maybe giving an impression to the contrary... this place is overall pretty sane. *sends a stern look in a couple of directions :evil: * :wink:


and a lot of fun!!


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(^she lies)

*is completely INSANE* hey, welcome to DM. hope you have fun here, i know i do. if youre still trying to find where you belong in the DM community, a good place for someone new is fiddlesticks. its a good place to meet people until you find a more serious place on the site, and a good place to spam when you get bored of seriousness. 8)

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