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RR Review: Lung Fung (Rockford, IL)


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Name: Lung Fung


Location: 226 7th St, Rockford IL 61104 (aka the corner of 7th & 2nd ;))


Website: http://www.freewebs.com/lungfunginc/


Category: Chinese Food!


Price For Two: $


Lung Fung is absolutely my favorite place in Rockford to eat. They have great prices, great food, and it's an overall nice place to visit. I BEG my parents to take me here practically weekly, it's like I need a hit or something!


So, this place gives you a lot of food for a little price, and I mean A LOT OF FOOD. For $5.70 (before 3PM, add $1.75 after 3) I get a drink of choice (free refills), egg-drop soup(wonderful), and a full plate of sesame chicken with fried rice and my choice of egg roll or fried Rangoon. Like WOAH! I cannot understate the greatness of this food and I have absolutely no idea how to describe the delicious chicken or rice, or even the soup that is wonderfully hot on a cold day, and the EGG ROLLS! *drooling*


Okay okay... I think I need to go get me some Lung Fung real quick. *leaves* *comes back* I have no money. *sigh*


Alright, so the people are wonderful there. My mother is a mail carrier and her route used to be in that area, so my stepdad and I would meet her for lunch for some Lung Fung and 30 minutes, in and out, we'd be good (this is also how we found the place- it was on mum's route). They have great service, and the sweet woman that owns the place basically knows us by name! I begged to go here after my graduation but was denied, I'll have to poke and prod my parents to take me again. The only reason they hold me back from going is because they know I'll just end up craving the food again the next day! Yes they have good prices, but if you go there every single day because the food is so good, you just may go poor.


Anywho, be sure to get to Lung Fung in Rockford if you ever get the chance, and be sure to say hi to the sweet fishes on the way in (and out)!




Ambience: 5/5

Food: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Value for Money: 5/5


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