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Approved WT Bio for Camigwen Klatsang Marivin (full character) - CCed by FL


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Basic Information

Handle :  Wayward_Fool

Character Count : 2


Character Information

Name: Camigwen Klatsang Marivin

Age: 134

Nationality: Tremonsien, Cairhien




Hair: Long, waist length straight hair

Eyes: Black

Skin: Pale

Height: 5'3

Voice: Light, feathery

Other: Camigwen is beautiful. Breathtakingly so.  And heart breakingly so as well. Her eyes sparkle and her face is a perfect oval. She has dimples when she smiles. Although her face is ageless, her features are those of a pretty girl. She is slim, not curvy, but graceful and has an air of nobility about her. People often say she has a “presence”, and eyes are often drawn to her even when she does not declare her identity as Aes Sedai.



Special Skills: Great with herbology and cooking.

Physical Weakness: Is not athletic at all. Lousy stamina. Hates walking or running or anything requiring physical effort.



Camigwen is surprisingly friendly and not at all as cold as she looks. People usually fear approaching her on the first look but often find her warm hearted and kind once they interact with her.  She is very refreshingly youthful, but beneath that has a very firm maturity that comes from a strong upbringing. Her heart is in the right place, but sometimes tries to help too many people, resulting in physical and emotional exhaustion. Very often, she can be seen staring off into space, breathless and with a slight sad look in her eyes. But she never lets anyone see her in this state if she can help it.



Camigwen Klatsang Marivin was born in the little Village of Tremonsien, just beyond the capital city. Her father was a wine merchant that often was away from home. His travels brought him to great cities and he often brought home not only stories of his adventures but also little trinkets and ribbons that kept his girl happy. Her mother was a maid at the nearby inn, a place called the Nine Rings, run by Mistress Maglin. Most of the day, Camigwen spent alone in the company of her brother, ten years older than her and to her,  the most good looking person alive.


Her first 4 years were spent in absolute innocence. Most of her days were spent at home, either playing with the trinkets her father bought her or following her brother on his many fantasy adventures. Her brother was extremely well read, having been taught History at the capital. So many of his adventures were about Warders and Aes Sedai and Trollocs and Dreadlords. As a result Camigwen’s mind was constantly ablaze with the stories of exploits of Lews Therin and Guaire Amalasan.


When she was 5, her mother began to teach her about cooking and the various herbs and their uses. Little did she know, her mother had once studied at the White Tower as a channeler and failed the test to become an Accepted and was put out of the Tower. Her interest in healing and herbology grew far more than her interest in cooking did. But that is not to say she wasn’t a good cook. Far from it. From the age of 9 she had started working in the kitchens of The Nine Rings and by the age of 12 was on her own cooking up dishes. Those who tasted her food never regretted it, and many came back to the Nine Rings Inn looking for her.


She caught the eye of a passing Aes Sedai when she was 14 and was forced to leave her tearful mother. During the last few days before she left for the White Tower, her mother told a shocked Camigwen everything she knew about the Tower and how to best spend her time and focus learning to be Aes Sedai. In her heart, her mother had prepared for the worst. But no amount of dissuasion could keep Camigwen from the White Tower.


But her mother needn’t have worried.


Camigwen was a gifted Novice. She was well loved by her fellow Novices because of her kindness. Most of the Aes Sedai who taught her were surprised by how intelligent this little girl was. From most of their experiences, pretty girls were usually too caught up with their own looks to go far. And Camigwen was beautiful. And she knew it.


Still, she was never the one to turn down a request for a favour. More often than not, she sought out those who found the Novice training tough and gave them solace. Her skills with herbs meant she often could provide salves and poultices out of the plants in the garden, either to sooth the pain of spankings or to help a homesick Novice sleep. Her popularity grew, as did her knowledge of the One Power.


Within 6 years of being a Novice, she was tested to be Accepted. It was the day she most dreaded. Memories of what her mother told her and how her mother had failed dragged at her. And part of her was ready to pack up and leave. Facing the ter’angreal as it throbbed, Camigwen wished she had not accepted the invitation to the White Tower.


But it was soon over. And Camigwen was Raised. One of her Arches had included her brother dying from an illness that she couldn’t cure. Her beautiful, beautiful brother, wasted away to nothingness. And from that day forth, she swore to herself that no matter which Ajah she eventually chose, she would make Healing a priority.


As a result, her scores during lessons on Healing were exemplary while her lessons on defense weaves caused her teachers much despair. It wasn’t that she wasn’t interested. But somehow at the last moment the weaves would collapse and nothing would keep the attack weave from hitting her. But she considered the wounds from those lesson a personal penance of sorts. For the people in the world who couldn’t be Healed and suffered far more than she did.


This was a noble penance indeed, however it drained her emotionally. She constantly spent her time meditating on the suffering of others, and often had to fight tears that would stream down her face uncontrollably. Her fellow Accepted friends loved her, and they feared for her mental health. As much as possible, they gave her all the love in the world. And she was grateful.


By the time she was 23, she had fully blossomed in to a woman. Slim, breathtaking and graceful, there were those who envied her. But all her friends loved her. It was then she discovered the joy of having a pillow friend.


Lustinia Tulsi was equally breathtaking as Camigwen and was assigned to her as a roommate. The two quickly became fast friends and were inseparable. Camigwen loved her roommate and eventually learnt of her friend’s sorry past. Having been abandoned by both parents, Lustinia was forced to defend herself in the streets of Ebou Dar. And was eventually driven to prostitution at the tender age of 14. Her only consolation was that with her immaculate looks she only serviced the rich and the Noble. As a result, she learnt much of the etiquettes of the Nobility as well as Daes Dae’mar. The Game of Houses.


As the two girls got closer and eventually became pillow friends, Lustinia began teaching Camigwen the intricacies of Daes Dae’mar, schooling the young girl in the arts of intrigue and mystique. To her surprise, Camigwen took to it like fish into water, and soon they were both manipulating the Accepteds like two queen bees. Not to say there weren’t moments of conflict as well. More often than not, it involved the struggle of who would get to lead and the other follow. But it was quickly resolved during the night, when they would kiss each other’s tears away.


One final factor sealed Camigwen’s resolve to be Yellow.


On her 6th year as an Accepted, Lustinia died. She had been running an errand for an Aes Sedai in the city and had apparently been mortally wounded by an out of control horse. Camigwen never heard the exact details, for nothing seemed to matter to her anymore. She attended not the funeral service nor the private gathering of close Accepted friends in the South Tower. She needed none of that, as an Accepted, she mourned for close to 6 months. Unable to focus on lessons, nor associate with her usual friends, they began to give up on her. Many of the Aes Sedai despaired over the loss of someone as gifted as her, but they could do nothing as she wasted away. Literally. For eating no longer seemed appealing to her. As a result her body suffered and never quite recovered from the trauma. And for the rest of her life, she remained physically weak and unable to endure long hours of physical activity. She seldom turned up for meals and sometimes couldn’t be seen for days.



This changed one day. Her mother had turned up one day, herself unable to stop crying, for it had broken her heart to see her daughter so. And begged. Begged. That Camigwen would snap out of it. Also with the news that her father had died.


There had been a plague in Tremonsien. Yellow sisters had turned up and tried to Heal as many as they could. But her father had been one of those that had not had the fortune of the attention of a Yellow Sister. That was not to be helped for there were too many sick and dying and too few Aes Sedai available.


That jolted Camigwen out of her depression.


From that day, Camigwen fought to be Yellow. Vowing that no matter what happened and how hard she had to fight, she would be a Healer. And a Healer of great strength and compassion. She would never allow another to die in her presence in possible. Nor would she allow others to suffer. And from that her path to being a Yellow Sister was paved.


She was Raised to Aes Sedai at the age of 34. One of the youngest to be Raised. But she did pass her testing with flying colours. She immediately chose the Yellow Ajah.


Her gift with Healing was near miraculous and by the age of 92, they had raised her to be a Sitter of the Hall.  From that point on, she did all she could do to fight her own battle against pain, suffering and death. When the First Weaver, Eqwina al’Caupthn stepped down as Head of the Yellow Ajah it was a natural choice that Camigwen took over at the age of 132.


Camigwen Klatsang Marivin, Head of the Yellow Ajah, never looked back.  Even as she watched her family grow old and die, she fought on hard and fast. Onwards to the Last Battle.

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I like the story, it made me want to read more. But I do have a few things that are giving me an itch.


This lady seems almost too good to be true, she's breathtakingly beautiful, astonishing student, amazingly friendly and compasionate, extremely talented in Daes Damar and walses through her testings as though they were a strole through the park and she has a miraculous talent for Healing. The only 'weakness' she seems to have is a physical weakness due to her moarning period. Which in itself is odd, since the Sisters wouldn't allow any novice or accepted to degrade to such a state. They'd force food down her throat if need be and she'd be Healed of any physical ailments she'd have. So not quite sure how this came to be realistically.


Does she have any flaws other than this?



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Myst... you really want to do this to every Bio I submit don't you. *grumbles*


Alright, I did consider the fact she seems rather perfect. But that's how I am. *lol* Kidding, okay... let's address this one at a time.


1) Her mourning period's only 6 months. The listlessness and weight loss would only be noticeable after a few months or so. Bullimic and anaroxic patients sometimes take up to years before they are noticed by their family. Which means the concern period that the Aes Sedai have would be much less than that. Say about 1 month or so. Within that time frame, I see her denying whatever "You're not looking well." and "Are you okay?" kinda stuff and suffering personally. And the Aes Sedai probably would have taken action had the mother not stepped in. As a good student, she's not someone they'd kick out easily and while they can take away her fatigue or Heal her, nothing can replace nourishment. So, wasting away. Aes Sedai try to force her to eat. She eats a little. You can't really punish people for not eating enough. Can you? Certainly not by forcing her out of the Tower. And I’ve never heard of force feeding in the WoT world. *lol* Could constitute breaking one of the Oaths in my opinion. The only reason they would have of kicking her out would be for her to fail the test. Which she hasn’t. 6 months is all. Good enough to be physically destroyed for the rest of her life, but not quite enough to get her kicked out.


2) Perfection. Channeling wise, she sucks at anything but Healing. That's in the bio. Her defensive weaves were almost a failure. So she's DEFINITELY not strolling thru the park. Only the Healer's park. Everything else was a Mt Everest.


3) Personality. She’s friendly to the point of being a fault. I could include her being sexually deviant if you want. Hurhurhur, I think all my female characters tend to be a bit quirky in that aspect. *shrugs* I think we’re talking about someone who cares too much to a point of it being a hindrance. And this ties in with the rest of the bio. Her mourning much more than anyone. Her having such a tough time with anything but Healing. It’s kinda like her ‘block’. That’s pretty horrible character flaw if you think about it.


4) Looks. Alright, I could make her JUST beautiful. But that would, to me, destroy the whole point of her being. Her beauty and attraction keeps her safe. With everyone loving her and no one wanting to attack her, it pretty much explains her inability to defend herself. Because she’s not had to most of her life. Beautiful people get their way. *sighs* Sad but true. Look at someone who’s beautiful, and you tend to want to do anything they want. Psychologically, she can’t understand why she would need to defend herself much, since everyone loved her.


5) It also ties in with her ability with Daes Dae’mar. Someone who is loveable and beautiful is bound to be better at the skill than someone who isn’t. She might not great at the subtlety part of things, but her looks get her everywhere. Pretty much like real life. (I’m not that great looking in real life, so I try to make my imaginary characters to look like Catherine Zeta Jones or Brad Pitt or God) And you know how beautiful people get their way more than ugly people? So her “skill with Daes Dae’mar could be more due to her beauty than actual skill. I could include that if you want. But I’ve always imagined that to be the reason.


Basically this character’s traits are all tied to each other. It’s not the usual sort of character I play, and I have no idea what her OP will be. But all she’s got going for her is Healing. I hope to get AOL healing for her, but it’ll all depend on her OP score. She’ll be weak physically. So won’t be able to do a lot of things. But she’s kind, friendly, beautiful and loveable. That keeps her alive. I don’t intend her to leave the White Tower much, as the First Weaver. Thus most of her life would be Lessons and Hall stuff. No adventures, the poor thing. Except the ones happening in her bedroom. (Refer to point 3, if necessary)


What say you, Myst? Hmm? HMMMM???


*hopeful look*


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I don't recall doing this that often, Boops. We all are expected to guard the realism of the PSW. This has nothing to do with you, I don't even check who is submitting the characters I cc. I didn't even realise that I have cc'd other characters from you.


Thanks for the explanation.



Consider this bio CC'd then.




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*lol* I was kidding, Myst. Because I love you that much. And just because I'm here at the RP side of things, doesn't make me any less Boopsiliscious aka nuts.


Thanks for the CC. *snuggles* PLEASE RP WITH ME!

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