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Approved WT Bio for Lyra de la Courcel--BT CC'd


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Basic Information

Handle :Little Miss

Character Count : none

Contact :crystal.lynn.crawford@verizon.net


Character Information

Name: Lyra de la Courcel


Nationality:Andor(father) and Cairhien(mother)



Hair:Brown, long with curly and hard to maintain ends.

Eyes: warm brown



Voice:Bossy, not made for singing, hates singing, or having to carry a tune

Other:Has a mole on her right cheek bone.




Special Skills:Lyra is good with, and enjoys working with birds of prey, a trait she picked up from her uncle's Saldaen wife. She loves hawking wears to everything and every one, and is constantly trying to sell something to people they encounter in their travels in between Andor and Saldaea. She has good soliciting skills and a nack for knowing the exact thing a person needs. Was learning to use the whip in self defense and to train hunting dogs from her uncle's wife while the conducted business there.


Knowledge Weakness:Mostly think she knows everything, hoping to discover them through RP


Physical Weakness:Being short can be a problem for Lyra, obviously. Many people don't take her seriously due to her height and was often picked on.


Personality weakness: Gets angry very easily and will often argue every thing and with every one. She is a spitfire and often lets her temper get the better of her and brow beats people in giving her and doing what she wants. She is EXTREMELY curious about everything and any one new. She gets into ALL kind of trouble when letting her curiosity lead her where it will. Her curiosity also leaders her to pester others who know more information on something she is interested in. She was very little sense when it comes to caution.





The beginning of Lyra is fairly simple and sweet. It all started with Lyra's grand father, who was a merchant that sold leather and traveling products from a quaint little booth in Andor. This was a fairly profitable way of life till an argument arose with one of his customers that involved a cat, shoe strings and a belt. He moved to Cairhien to restart his life and begin anew with his wife and twin sons who were 18 at the time and more than willing to "travel" and see the world from some one else's coin pouch. What was needed in Andor was much different than what he found the Cairhien market to want and began to struggle with a steady income. When his sons , Joscelin and Jareth, saw this and the problems that could be fixed they began to come to their father and tell him what needed to change. After a few years they were soon running their own merchant services, which flowed with the changing times and fickleness of the people. During this time, Lyra's uncle Jareth, fell for a visiting Saldaean girl and followed her to her homelands to court her leaving her father to run the business by himself. After long, he was able to comfortably set up his parents in a country house and hire a house keeper to take care of them. Little did he know this house keeper wasn't a meek girl child as he thought his mom would hire. She was a petite fiery woman, who took no nonsense from her employers, and ran the house with an iron fist. Joscelin immediately tried to fire her upon his first visit with his parents, only to be told "No" and was even kicked out to go sleep in the barn for his language. During that first night in the barn he awoke to himself covered in blankets and a pillow under his head. This soon became a pattern over the next several months before Jos caught the house keeper in the act, and asked her why. She merely smiled and explained she thought he was a good person despite his stubbornness. They married 6 months later and moved to Andor after finding a more mellow house keeper. Current day Lyra's parents own a large merchant train that travels in between Andor and Saldaea. Jareth manages all the Saldaean transactions and Lyra's father the Andor side when he isn't traveling with the wagons themselves as he often does. Lyra was born in Andor, and is now 17 years old. She has known a whole life of traveling and almost constant moving back and forth to the roads and towns between Andor and Saldaea. She has been very involved in her parents work and taken being the daughter of the boss over the years like a fish to water, often being called a bratty merchant princess for looking down on the wagon drivers, who take it all in stride and just smile quietly when she goes on the rampage. She loves her Saldaean aunt very much and will often pester her the whole entire time they are there. During the summer rush of her 17th year, when many travelers where traveling the road, they came upon a camp of Aes Sedai in their typical spot and were politely asked if they cared to share. Lyra's curiosity was instantly entranced by the prospect of them channeling and followed them around all evening asking as many questions as she could get in. When they settle down that evening she actually bothers them so much they test her and to both parties surprise's she is able to be taught. The next day it was to Tar Valon instead of Saldaea for the rest of her life after a rushed letter to her aunt and a tearful good bye to her parents.

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