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Why does the picture at the top left of the screen keep changing?

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:-\ ???:o >:(


I heard it's always best to get to know people by asking them questions.




I have read the wheel of time series and like it. I hope you liked it too. Lets be friends.



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I do enjoy how the forums are split up so you can become a member of each faction, I haven't seen it before, and it takes a rather large membership to accomplish that successfully.


I have been reading Wot for about 8 years. To be honest I stopped reading it fully, and just have many many scenes tagged that I really enjoy, so i will go back and only read those specific scenes.


The only book I do not do this for is the Eye of The World.


My favorite fantasy series is A Song of Ice and Fire, but there really isn't a big community for it.

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Hello! Welcome to the Asylum! :D

*Gets shushed up by the people in white coats*

Oh... We aren't allowed to call it that anymore?

Welcome to DM! ;D Make sure you check out the different parts of the forum, I'm sure you'll find something that you love ;)


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Welcome to DM! Hope you have a great time here exploring the site and find some fun places! :)

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Thank you Moghedian and Corki!


I have to say I do enjoy that there are not too many rules regarding "signatures", "avatars" and names.


I am the dark one at another wheel of time site, and I enjoy it thoroughly!

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