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Approved CotL bio (Katandra) - CCed by CotS


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DM handle: Kathleen


Character Name: Katandra


Age: 18


Email address: kat.alcorma[at]gmail[dot]com


Division: Children of the Light


Subdivision : None


Physical Description: Katandra is average height. She has long brown hair to her waist, and deep blue eyes. She is in good physical shape, but has an almost petite frame. She has a swan like neck and she carries it with swan like grace. She is very pretty, but doesn't show it off on purpose.


Place of Birth/Raising: Katandra was born in Andor of an Andorian mother and an Amadician father. She was raised in Andor until the age of 14 and then her family moved back to Amadicia.


Character History: Katandra was born in Andor of an Andorian mother and an Amadician father. She was raised in Andor until the age of 14. As a young girl she had high regard for Aes Sedai and dreamed about being one. It was a dream that took over her life to the point that she would try to channel every day and she would talk as if she were going to be Aes Sedai for sure, like she were a daughter-heir to the title. She had to hide this dream from her father as he strongly disapproved of the Aes Sedai, but her mother kept her secret and they would talk about it for hours while her father was away.


When Katandra was 14 years old, she still hadn't channeled but her mother got a chance to take her to the White Tower to be tested. Katandra failed the test and was told she had no ability what-so-ever. She was heart broken and she felt like her life was over. She was so mad at the Tower for having wasted so much of her life on a dream that they wouldn't let her fulfill. She blamed the Aes Sedai for the wasted years of dreaming and giving her false hope. She blamed them for her inability to channel, and for taking away her future.


When her father found out that she had gone to be tested he was furious. He demanded that the family move to Amadicia to "raise the girl right" as he put it. Katandra spent the next four years hiding what she had done, festering the negative feelings toward the White Tower and gaining more and more respect for the Children of the Light who want to stop the evils in the world from taking over the lives of innocent people.  At the age of 18 Katandra decided to join the ranks.






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