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Approved CotL bio (Calvin) - CC'ed by CotS


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DM handle: Calvin Coshere

Character Name: Calvin Coshere

Place of Origin: Andor


Hair Color: Long Dirty Blonde

Height: 5' 11

Weight: 240

Division: CotL

Sub Division: Whisperer of the Light


History: Calvin was the youngest of 6 children, four boys and two girls. His family lived on a small farm along one of Andor's many tiny rivers.  The location was perfect for producing the perfect ingredients for brewing Ale which was the main thing the family did. Calvin's father sold the Ale at a low price making very little profit. At 18 his father and four brothers took a trip to sell some Ale in Tar Valon. Growing up a Brewer's son, Calvin grew a love for the Ale they made. That in itself was a curse for the weight gain went entirely to his belly making him look like he was ready to give birth at any minute. He still, however, thought he was a gift to all women and blind to his weight issues. In Tar Valon Calvin saw all the beautiful women and knew he must try to make a living for himself there. He knew his best chance at meeting all the beautiful women was as a Tower Guard so he tried joining. It took only a few weeks to realize that he had made a big mistake and the women were not as in love with him as he thought. With just the clothes on his back and his badly bruised pride. Calvin left Tar Valon.


In his travel, Calvin came across a small army of men. They were Children of the Light and seemed to be able to tell he was depressed. Having nowhere else to go when they suggested him to join he quickly jumped on the chance at a new life.





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