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Approved White Tower Bio for Myriam Finnash-- CCed by the BT


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Basic Information


Handle : Myriam Finnash


Character Count : 1


Contact : myriam.finnash@dragonmount.com




Character Information


Name: Myriam Finnash


Age: just turned 16


Nationality: Andorran, a small town neighboring Caemlyn.






Hair: Blond


Eyes: Greenish blue


Skin: fair


Height:  5’6”


Voice: normal girls voice


Other: bit chubby, typical “girl next door”






Special Skills:


Knowledge Weakness:


Physical Weakness:


Personality weakness:






A bit naive, but very loyal girl






Myriam is the youngest of three daughters from a cloths merchant, she is very loyal to her family and especially her sisters. Her oldest sister Elaine, it was tradition in their family the oldest daughter got named after the Daughter-Heir, though spelled a bit differently so not to offend the royal family, was destined to be married to a wealthier merchants second son, and so to take over the family business. Her middle sister, Joan, was the trouble child, she had told their father flat-out that she would not marry, unless it would be someone of her own choice. So far their father had tolerated the behavior of his favorite child, but there were rumors under the servants that he was about to sign a marriage contract for her. Myriam on the other hand would be quite content to be married to a simple farmer, as she liked to tend to the animals and grow her own fruit and vegetables.




That was one of the reasons why Myriam didn’t mind helping her sister Joan sneak out of the house, so she could go and meet Brad, the mayor’s son. Joan and Brad had been friends since their childhood, and recently fell in love. There was just one small problem, called Susana, who had been Brad’s promised wife since forever. This didn’t stop the happy couple though, and they met up as often as they could. Usually it was in the mayor’s stables, where Myriam would talk to Brock, the 18 year old stable boy. As Joan and Brad were in the back, whispering, kissing and such, Myriam would chat to Brock about the horses, foals and how to tend to them.




But then came the news that Brad and Susana’s wedding would come up soon, the courtier’s daughter had come of age, and she had told her mother she longed to be a wife. Brad had talked ot his father, but to no avail. So the two of them decided to run away and get married in a neighboring village. Joan asked Myriam to help her get out of the house, which of course the girl did. She even went this far to stay over at the stables for the entire night, so that her father could not question her early about Joan’s and Brad’s flight. She spent most of the night crying, until Brock found her. The stable boy tried to comfort her in the only way he knew of. So the night her sister ran away with the mayor’s son, was the night Myriam lost her virginity.




Two days later news arrived that Brad and Joan had gotten married in Caemlyn, and they were not planning to come back. Her father wanted Myriam to come, and try to talk to her sister. He thought that maybe his youngest would talk some sense in to his middle daughter. But on the way to the little house where the young couple had gotten a place to live, they ran in to a group of Aes Sedai who were testing all girls of age. Myriam and her father tried to cross the square, but before she knew what was happening, she ended up in the line of girls to be tested.




To Myriam it seemed like the only thing happening was that she had to stare in to a blue stone for a long time, but the Aes Sedai smiled at her and nodded. “You can learn to channel, child. We will leave for Tar Valon tomorrow. Now say good bye to your father.”

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