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Hottest Women in the Wheel of Time


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From another Forsaken "Graendal would be considered stunningly beautiful, but in Lanfear's company she was simply plumply pretty."

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As tempers go Ninny was certainly up there, but by temperature it's almost impossible to say, perhaps Aviendha as she lived in the waste and would surely often have been hot. Truly, many a time I have taken a cold shower to cool off after a days work in the summer and marveled at how warm the cold water pouring on my head had grown by the time it rolled off my, but there's another possibility. It seems very unlikely Ogier would keep exactly the same body temp as humans so if they tend towards something higher, then surely the hottest would be Erith or Loials mum.


Course if you meant looks that would either be Lanfear, or maybe Erith if you make allowances for attractiveness towards intended target, naturally Ogier standards are different yet she is the only one we saw him get all hot and bothered about on first sight. As for Lanfear, as late as TSR Selene had been be the most beautiful woman Rand ever saw, yet Lanfear revealed made that form look like a child yet to reach full bloom.


OTOH, perhaps Lanfear had the edge as even Loial was moved to marvel at Selene's beauty, and while his human friends failing to appreciate what was fine about Erith might just be their youth and uncouthness showing, it seems more likely it was her Selene's looks as she was said to make even the loveliest look just pretty.


Finally, if you mean on a personal level, then merely pretty would be enough for me to be smitten if paired with interesting features and a kickass personality.

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The plumply pretty line at a glance would make her seem lesser than Lanfear. But when you really think about it, is plumpness a negative? I would count it as a positive. Who doesn't like a girl with a little more oomph?

Often the idea of beauty is assumed to be this homogenized figure with no real outstanding qualities.  Well formed, but conservatively so.  Graendal sounds like she has a little something extra that puts her over.


And besides, in the wot universe, black hair is most often described as the most beautiful hair.  And while that is in reality a more subjective matter, it does go to show where the biases in the book stands. Graendal could be treated as lesser for the fact that she has blonde hair.

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not for physical appearence, but because most others are disqualified by their personality.


nynaeve will yell at you for no reason, sometimes get violent. Aviendha may pull out weapons. Egwene will be bossy and will always treat you as lesser. Any aes sedai will use you for her (generally pointless) schemes.

The forsaken, of course, don't even deserve consideration. i don't care how physically attractive lanfear is, if i was to beat her with a baseball bat, i would wear rubber gloves, and would burn the bat and the gloves afterwards. and wash my hands.


elayne is one of the very few people (of both gender) in the saga who does not try to take charge of everything, without knowing anything of the situation and without even trying. elayne often takes charge, because she has training and because she has a legal right, but she always listen to people, and she quickly defers to those with more experience - like when she goes adventuring with egwene and nynaeve she's the only one not fighting for control, because she realizes her experience in the palace is no good there. Also, she is sweet and she has a tendency to form strong friendships, to the point that she built herself a sort of family; this give her a lot of cuteness points.

The only other women in there whom i do not find unattractive based on personality are min and leane. While leane's genuine liking for attention is sexy, ultimately for me she cannot compete with elayne's cuteness points

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Centigrade/Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin? Come on, you've got to state the temperature scale you're using! 🙂


For myself, I've always had a thing for Min. She's probably the calmest of all the women in Randland (or WOT) - though I must admit, if Tuon looks Melanesian (Fijian, New Caledonian, Vanuatan, Solomon Islander, Papua Niuginian or West Papuan) I just might lose my heart to her ... though her attitude's not exactly sterling ...

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