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[Album Review] Origin Of Symmetry by Muse - Alternative (RR Task)


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Origin Of Symmetry – Muse


Track Listings(ranks in red)


1. "New Born" - 6:03    8

2. "Bliss" - 4:12    8

3. "Space Dementia" - 6:20  10

4. "Hyper Music" - 3:20      9

5. "Plug-In Baby" - 3:39    8

6. "Citizen Erased" - 7:19  10

7. "Micro Cuts" - 3:38    10

8. "Screenager" - 4:20  8

9. "Darkshines" - 4:47  9

10. "Feeling Good" - 3:20 (Cover from Nina Simone)  7

11. "Megalomania" - 4:20  8


Note: There is also a bonus track,Futurizm, in i-Tunes and Japan CD versions.


Muse is a well-known British Alternative Rock Band  from Devon, with a Mercury Prize, MTV EMA, five Q Awards, eight NME awards, two BRIT and four Kerrang awards,and meybe many other. I am not a huge Muse fan, I always considered them avarage until trying this album. With Bellamy’s ear-cracking vocal style,and Wolstenholme’s amazing bass, it was more than expected for me. Band has used diffrent instruments,like church organ,and pipe organ,(a strange instrument,used in Megolomania). Inspite of that, songs have a dark mood, and it felt so diffrent than the other songs I have listened to, in my life. And have unique lyrics.



To talk about Feeling Good cover, I think, it was where they messed up. Original song is much,much beter. While Nina’s version have almost a melancholic feel, this version almost feels happy, the reason why I didnt liked.



And my favourite songs in this album: Space Dementia and Citizen Erased. I knew Bellamy could play the piano well, but I guess I underrated him a little. He rocks out in SD, I nearly feet like I should bow down to him. Never understood Muse fans calling Bellamy a genious before. As Citizen Erased makes me remember Bohemian Rhapsody or Paranoid Android,it is a good work. Maybe I liked the song because of that.


To sum up, in my opinion, the album is suprisingly great. Will give 8 out of 10.



New Born

Feeling Good

Plug in Baby


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