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It's the little things in life~attn: Estel~


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Elyssa walked through the halls of the Tower smoothing her dresses a bit as she walked. She hated how some of her dresses got so much static in them just from walking. Today she had choosen to wear one that was a lighter blue with a bit of pale yellow around the collar. Her slippers barely made any noise on the floors as she hurried back to her apartments. She'd been out all day enjoying the weather and having a picnic with Dafydd in the Ogier's Garden. She hadn't done that in some months with how busy she had gotten. She also hadn't had much time to spend with her fellow sisters and wondered how they had all been. There was one in particular that she was concerned with. The last time she had seen Estel the young Blue looked to be depressed. Elyssa had made up her mind weeks ago that she would invite the woman to her rooms for tea and a chat.


When she finally made it to her rooms she pulled out a piece of parchment from her desk and scribbled a little note on it. " Estel it would give me great pleasure if you would meet me in my apartments for tea. It's been too long since we last talked and I thought it'd be nice to have a chat." Once she finished the note she went out and slipped it under the door to Estel's apartments. She went back to her room and prepared the things she would need for the tea. She sent a novice off to bring up some biscuits and cakes and was all set to have Estel over for tea.


OOC: Sorry it took so long I had a final but done with class now so I have a lot more time.


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