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Hey all.


I'm new to the site and I haven't read everything on here so if this has been brought up before sorry. I just finished my re-read of The Great Hunt and it's revealed that Verin is black ajah. On page 231 of the soft-cover edition, when she reaches Ingtar's group she says "Moiraine Sedai sent me Lord Ingtar". But then on page 675 Moiraine says, "I did not send Verin." Moiraine frowned. "She did that on her own."

I was looking for any indications that Verin was BA in earlier books and that was the only one I found in this book. If there's any more could someone point them out to me.


Another thing I noticed was on page 678 Lan is sharpening his sword, but he has a power wrought sword, so why is he sharpening it?

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This plus the fact that Moiraine specifically warns Rand not to trust Verin in her letter to him could in fact be clues that she is Black Ajah.  OR perhaps she obtained the oath rod and had the three oaths removed for other reasons.  You'll have to read tGS to find out.  :)


As for the sharpening of the sword, I have no idea, good catch.

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The sword sharpening thing was a mistake, which I believe was edited in later versions. As for the Verin thing...to understand that you need to finish what has currently been published of the series.

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In later editions it's changed to a dagger that Lan is sharpening. As an aside though, when Lan is telling Rand about Tam's sword he says that some men with power-wrought swords still attempt to sharpen them, even though it only wears down the sharpening stone and the sword doesn't need it. I don't remember the exact quote and don't have the book with me at work, but I think it was something about not completely believing it doesn't need it, or some such.


As for Verin, it only provides evidence that she is possibly not bound by the three oaths. Or it could have been AS word-play, she only said "Moiraine Sedai sent me" not "Moiraine Sedai sent me to find you" or anything more specific. The word play doesn't seem to be likely though since she said that in direct response to a question about why she was there, which is specific.  So more likely that she is not bound by the oaths for some reason.


There has been discussion for quite some time about the hows and whys. More information is given in TGS though; you should read that one and then discuss your thoughts in The Gathering Storm threads (http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/board,278.0.html) since any potential spoilers of anything from TGS are not allowed anywhere else.

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The sword sharpening thing was a mistake, which I believe was edited in later versions.


Yeah, I think they changed it to "polishing his sword" or something like that.



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tho with they way AS play with words it could have been something like this:


Moraine to Lan: I wish I could be with that boy, or Send someone to him.

Verin to herself: I wish I could study that boy (overhears Moraines wish)

Moraine: Where is Verin riding off to?



tho got to read tGS

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