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Who would you cast in the Movie "Eye of the World"

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I have seen a few suggestions of who should play who and I don't have ideas for all the Cast but I have a few I'd like to share.


Rand - Hayden Christensen (only I don't like his voice...makes me want to punch him in the nose)

Perrin - ? ... someone big.maybe a Pro Wrestler who CAN act like the Rock.

Mat - Edward Furlong,,,, just a thought.

Moiraine - Eva Longoria

Lan - The Rock

Egwene - Rachel Bilson

Nyneve - Jessica Alba

Min - Ashley Green

Elayne - Ali Larter

Avi -Renee O'Connor

Tuon - Ildi Silva

Tam - Harrison Ford

Thom - Sam Elliot

Lanfear - Kira Knightly

Graendal - Heather Graham

Messana - Alyssa Milano

Semirhage -  Halle Berry

Moghedien - Olivia Wilde

Ishamael - Steven R McQueen

Rahvin - Liam Hemsworth

Sammael - Brad Pitt

Demandred - Christian Bale

Aran'gar - Angelina Jolie

Osan'gar - Eric Bana

Asmodean - Johnny Depp

Be'lal - Viggo Mortenson




Ok....I just through most of the names in.

Who do you think fits the bill?


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Johnny Dep would be better as Fain the peddler.

He is good with weird multifaceted characters.


When I think of Semirrhage, I think of Grace Jones rather than Hallie Berry


I think I like Sam Elliot as Thom but think that if you need someone that can sihng, Willie Nelson could fit the bill and Elliot could play Elyas.


Willie may be a better fit as Jaim Farstrider.

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I must say, I'm pretty sure I would not go see that movie if they cast even 50% of those people for those roles! :) Not that I'm saying I can make a better list (I used to try, and will try again in a moment, but my favorite actors keep changing every few years), but most of those people don't feel very right for me.  Here are a few I can think of off the top of my head (note, the 3 SuperBoys, and the 3 SuperGirls should all be unknowns in my opinion):


Moraine - Julia Ormond (maybe too old now, but the first time I made a list, she had just been in Sabrina, and she was fan-frakkin-tastic for Moraine)

Lan - Liam Neeson.  (Seriously.  Is there anyone in Hollywood right now that when you say their name, it doesn't immediately draw up pictures of pure ass-kickingness than Neeson?  Plus, he's definitely the right height)

Thom Merrilan - Kris Kristofferson

Ishamael (as Moridin) - James Caviezel (he's a bit older than portrayed in the books, but I think they could "pretty him up" properly for the role)

Mazrim Taim - Nestor Carbonell

Sammael - Aaron Eckhart

Rahvin - Mel Gibson (biggest name I'd put in the movie, I think he could pull the "tall, dark, and handsome... and eeeeeeevil" role off pretty well)


Other actors I'd try my damndest to find some way to include in the movie:


Ron Rifkin (possibly as Tam al'Thor or Elyas?), Gary Oldman (the dude is quite possibly the finest actor in the world right now, and could handle playing anyone... maybe Demandred or Ishamael pre-Moridin would suit him), Frank Langella (another one that could probably handle tons of different roles, but unfortunately, his age would limit him.  Maybe Aginor or Belthamel pre-resurrection), Sam Rockwell (maybe Gawain?  Obviously someone young-ish, but maybe too old for Gawain), and Alicia Witt (cuz, dayam.  'Nuff said).


Actors/Actresses who are ridiculously big right now, but I wouldn't let near my WoT movie (not necessarily because they're bad, but because of the hype and drama they would bring with them):


Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Sam Worthington (he sucks), anyone from the Hills or The OC.

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I'm telling you guys, Summer Glau would make the PERFECT Egwene!  Anyone who's read all the way through the series and seen Firefly/Serenity, back me up!!

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I'm telling you guys, Summer Glau would make the PERFECT Egwene!  Anyone who's read all the way through the series and seen Firefly/Serenity, back me up!!


I've done both, and I simply cannot back you up on that.  Min, maybe, but not Egwene.

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Movie stuff about this series I take is supposed to be in the Red Eagle Entertainment section.  (Currently in General Wheel of Time section)



Title question, I would have these criteria for each of the cast::

-read and likes the series

-looks not too different than their respective character's appearance

-would portray their respective character accurately


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