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[The Black Tower] Lord of the Rings Mafia Game

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The Black Tower is running a Lord of the Rings Mafia Game, we are looking for about 30 players, so if you want to step into the depths of Middle earth, then sign up here:




Everyone is welcome, you don't have to be a member of the social group!


There will be Elves, Dwarves, Men, Orcs and Wizards. There won't be any recruiting (though there is one role, but that is very specific). There will be No Character Reveal. All roles maybe related to the character and roles can be revealed (if you believe them) The Characters will be known on death.


This all centres around the One Ring, don't you just want to find it and have some great power, or will it decieve and slip off your finger when you least expect it!



The Lord of the Rings – The One Ring Mafia Game


The Rules


1.  There will no editing of Post. Do so and you will be Modkilled!

2.  You will not reveal your character, nor will you reveal your race. This means everyone will be given a name and you will not be able to reveal it on the Game thread. You also cannot reveal that you are a hobbit, elf, man, orc, wizard etc. You may however reveal a role.

3.  There will be no quoting or parroting any Mod PMs, this is also a modkillable offence.

4.  Please be nice and no insulting people, but good old binter banter is allowed and very much encouraged!



The Game


There will be many teams, some will be mason teams others will be mafia teams. There is no Cult team and there will be no recruiting. The game will follow the theme of the films. All characters used will be in one if not all films.


The Play will start in The Shire and work it’s way around Middle Earth. To keep it interesting there will be choices that need to be made, this may effect what happens to you. Items maybe also be found along the way.


The Roles


There will be the usual ones plus a few more. They will be slightly adapted to fit in with the theme.

There will be the three rings owned by the elves. These are rings of power.


There is also The One Ring. The Ring of Power will choose (randomly) someone, who finds it. It can offer protection, insight, impervious to night actions. However it can deceive as well. If you are up for a lynch or subject of a night kill then you have a 50/50 chance of surviving, if you die, the ring slips off your finger to be found (randomly) by someone else. At the end of each night/beginning of each day the Ring will decide whether to stay with you or find a new owner. Depending on who has the ring will affect a character or two. I will say no more on this.

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