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I'm really nice. Please say Hello.

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Hello everyone!


I'm really excited to join this site.  I haven't seen something like this since back in the dial up days (although I haven't really been looking that hard). 


My name is Lauren (my middle name is Isolde), I'm (almost) 30 years old and I've been waiting impatiently for the The Gathering Storm to come to paperback. I had recently decided to start re-reading the series again in preparation for it as well.  Eventually I was looking around for some background material on some stuff that was happening in the books and I found myself at this site.  It looks really fantastic and it looks like it's really active and has a large community.


Well, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all, making friends and meeting new people.


So, please do say hello!


And if there is anything you'd like to know about me, please feel free to ask.





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Hello  ;D


With a thread title like that, how could anyone NOT say hello? hehehehe


So where are you from, Isolde? What type of thing that you have spotted on DM interests you?


I'm Elgee, from South Africa, and I'm at the White Tower Social Group and the White Tower Role Playing Group.

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Welcome to DM!


DM is a great place - probably why I have been here for 6+ years! And some can claim longer than that! Do not hesitate to ask us anything about this site - we will do our best to help you out!


Oh, and I am Corki from the UK, the fearless Marshal-General and Band of the Red Hand Social Group Leader! And DM's number one thread starter!


I'm the thread starter, twisted thread starter...

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Thanks so much for the welcome!



I'm Canadian, I'm not sure how many are on here, I've noticed that most english speaking message boards, the majority of people are American.  However I'm being politely shown otherwise.  The first two people to talk to me are from the other hemisphere! 


As to what interested me, I noticed you had themed groups and everything.  That and a role play section.

So it seems that there's an actual community AND an RP place.  That's really awesome.  I'll probably hold off on the RP stuff for right now though, I'm a bit busy, but I did want to hang around and meet some people.




Well, since you're offering.  Do you have any suggestions on where I could start?  It's a little intimidating to just jump into a conversation somewhere.  Are there any friendly places to get to know people here?



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A Canuck! *snugglebites*  ;D


I'm bonded to one, and have quite a few others as friends - love me them Canadians  :D


There are plenty of friendly places here - depends on what type of thing you're interested in.


I'll let Corki explain that to you *angel face*

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The last time I looked, the UK was in the Northern Hemisphere! Unless they have changed the maps of the world...


And I shall be 100% biased and say the Band of the Red Hand Social Group. We focus on music, travel and eating out, and currently in the middle of having a soundtrack theme month music-wise, with Classical Music next month.


But do look at the other Social Groups. Each is great in their own kind of way...but not as awesome as the Band!  ;D

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Hello Isolde! :D


*thinks of the movie Tristan and Isolde*


I am Limi! I am a part of the Black Tower Social Group and the White Tower Social Group!


I am 19 and live in north Idaho about 60 miles from the Canadian boarder.


It's a pleasure to meet you. *smiles warmly*

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