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Agua Linda, Athens, GA


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Name: Agua Linda

Location: 1376 Prince Avenue, Athens, GA 30065

Contact Details: 706-543-1500


Website: No Website


Category: Mexican (TexMex)


Price for a meal for two: $$




The first I heard about this restaurant was from my roommate who came in the house one night and announced he had eaten the best Mexican food in Athens.  A few weeks ago, my friend asked me to go eat dinner with her, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend at Agua Linda.  I was pretty excited to see how the food was.


The Restaurant is built in the style of many TexMex places: pink tile floor, wooden booths, low yellow lighting, desert or western murals on the walls, and kind of a Texas pueblo architecture.  There is the option of sitting inside or outside (with the predominant amount of seating being on the inside), and we chose to sit outside because it was such a nice night.  They do have a bar, for those of you interested in getting a little tipsy while you dine.


We were served unlimited chips and salsa, and we ordered cheese dip on the side.  The chips definitely weren't the best; in fact, they were probably among the worst of any Mexican place I've been too.  The same goes for the salsa and cheese dip - they just weren't very good.  However, they were free and of course we stuffed ourselves anyway.


For the main course, I had two enchiladas with a side of mexican rice and refried beans.  The rice and beans were pretty good, but the enchiladas were mediocre.  The water I had to drink was very good though.


The service was pretty good; the servers were nice and good about refills for drinks and chips.  The wait was around 20 to 25 minutes, but that was because we wanted to sit outside.


Probably my favourite part about the restaurant was that it was right next to an authentic mexican convenience/grocery store.  They had food that I haven't seen anywhere since visiting Mexico my four years of high school.  I was extremely hopeful that they would have 'joya', a fantastic Mexican soft drink I imbibed many times in my four visits to Mexico.  Unfortunately, they didn't have Joya, but they had Jarritos which I believe to be the MexicanAmerican version of Joya.  I bought some for super cheap and they were Delicious!!!!  I was so excited to find an authentic Mexican store that the inadequacies of Agua Linda flew out the window.  I can't wait to go back to that store and buy some cheap Mexican food/drink!


Overall Verdict


While it wasn't my favourite Mexican restaurant, I did enjoy the atmosphere and establishment a lot.  I would definitely try something different, but I would have no qualms about going back again.



Each category is out of 5


Ambience: ****

Food: ***

Service: ****

Value for Money: ****


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