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[Gig Review] Bonobo @ New Earth, Athens, GA - April 10, 2010


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Who: Bonobo

Where: New Earth, Athens, GA

When: 10 April 2010

Guest artists: Emancipator


Set List


I don't know the set list as it wasn't a high profile show and I don't know any of their song names




The Review


This was my first time hearing and seeing Bonobo; my roommates were going, some of my other friends were going, so I decided to go.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect - something related to dubstep, but more mellow.  I was really surprised when a full band came out with keyboards, drums, sax, alto sax, electric guitar, and bass.  They played amazingly; the music was jamming, the audience was grooving, and I really liked what I was hearing. 


It was definitely more mellow than I expected, but at the same time I could totally jam and lose myself in the rhythms and flow of the pieces.  After a few songs, Andreya Triana came out and started singing.  She was incredible!  Her voice and british accent blended so smoothly and effortlessly with the music, it was like they were made for each other (and they probably were!).  Triana added a whole new element of awesome to the show.  Now everyone really got into it; people were passing around bowls, ecstasy, and probably acid.  Fortunately, I was offered none, so I didn't have the opportunity to awkwardly decline what everyone else was participating in.  Some people started going crazy, probably due to the acid, and danced accordingly with crazy moves and were in a world of their own.


After Bonobo finished an hour long performance, Emancipator came on and totally blew me away.  It's basically a one man dj who mixes and dubs different songs and creates super intense dubstep magic.  I thought I was dancing before, but now I (and everyone else) really got into it.  Swaying, bobbing, moving, grooving, flowing, everyone was in motion.  This guy rocked the house and left me with a lasting impression.  I can't wait until Emancipator comes back so I can see him again.



Overall Verdict

Pretty freakin sweet!  I really enjoyed my first taste of Bonobo, from the alto sax to the vocal stylings of Andreya Triana.  Overall, I give it a 7.75/10.  It's not my favorite style of music, but it was pretty awesome.


Emancipator was better than Bonobo, though, and since he played for an hour too, I will rate him as well.  I give him a strong 8.5/10.

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