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Dick's Drive In (Seattle, Wa) Recruit Review


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Name: Dick's Drive In

Location: 115 Broadway E Seattle, WA 98102

Contact Details: On Website


Website: http://www.ddir.com/About_Us.html


Category: Burgers and Fries


Price for a meal for two: Depends on what you are getting.




Dick's has been an Icon of Seattle for the past 55 years (Founded in 1954), it is a family run 'restaurant' that is still around even with all the big franchises muscling their way in. It has since expanded to a total of five locations throughout Seattle. Four of them are drive-in restaurants without customer seating, while the Lower Queen Anne location has indoor tables and no drive-in. The restaurants only accept cash; there are no ways to use electronic forms of payment.


The simple menu has changed little over time. It features fast-food staples such as hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes. Dick's is particularly well known for the "Dick's Special," which includes lettuce, mayonnaise, and chopped pickles; and the "Dick's Deluxe," a quarter-pound version of the Special, with cheese. These burgers were added in 1971. Cashiers generally do not accept variations on the burger's preparation, or omissions such as asking for the burger without lettuce, but will serve the Deluxe without cheese.


Also for the college students who are close by at the University of Washington (UW) campus, it is a local hot spot to meet up and get a bite to eat.


Overall Verdict


I have gone to Dicks at least once a week for about 3 months before I stopped going to Seattle ever week, but whenever I am up there I always set aside 5 bucks to grab a burger, fries and shake. Which is more than you usually get from Mcdonalds. Everything is made in front of you as they have massive plate glass windows that show you the entire restaurant (at least for the Broadway and Wallingford Locations) and you can see your food being made as you wait.


The time for them to make it and bring it out to you though takes no time at all. My first time ordering, I ordered, pulled my cell out of my coat pocket and looked up and my food was already there before I could see the time on my cell. Their fries are actual fries, not those hard ones from Mcdonalds but soft and chewy and made from fresh cut potatoes. I actually haven't eaten anything from Mcdonalds or Burger King or even Wendy's since I tried Dicks. I promise you, if you ever try it, you'll be blow away.




Each category is out of 5


Ambience: ****

Food: *****

Service: *****

Value for Money: *****

OVERALL: *****

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