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[Album Review] The Silent Force by Within Temptation - Metal


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The Silent Force - Within Temptation - Metal


Released: 2004


Album Cover Artwork:



Track Listing (ratings in green)

1. Intro - 1:58 7

2. See Who I Am - 4:52 8

3. Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) - 4:47 9

4. Stand My Ground - 4:27 10

5. Pale - 4:28 8

6. Forsaken - 4:52 7

7. Angels - 3:59 9

8. Memories - 3:51 10

9. Aquarius - 4:45 8

10. It's The Fear - 4:06 8

11. Somewhere - 4:15 8 (10 for duet version)

12. Destroyed (Demo Version) - 4:52 9

13. Jane Doe - 4:30 9


Within Temptation are a Dutch Symphonic Metal band, though they say they also fall under the "symphonic rock" genre. I personally stumbled across this genre a few years ago by accident, and haven't looked back! I enjoy how the female vocals complement the music, giving a softness to the possible courseness of the music. I have seen Nightwish live (with Annette), and I am seeing Delain and Leaves' Eyes in the coming weeks - however, Within Temptation top my list of bands I want to see live. Hopefully they will come to the U.K. soon! Oh, and I am extremely jealous of anyone who went to see them perform with the Metropole Orchestra in Rotterdam, Netherlands, a few years back - as that is how this music should be listened to!


If I remember correctly, I bought this album several years ago, and it is one that I play continually over and over again. Like Mother Earth (as reviewed by Ellianora, I feel there is a great contrast on the album between soft ballady songs, like Memories, and heavier, more metaly songs like Stand My Ground. Internationally, the album has sold over 1.75 million copies.


The album contains some of their better known songs, which are popular amongst their fans. Now, I will work my way through the tracks on the album, going into more detail with a few songs.


The album kicks off with an orchestral style Intro, with Sharon's haunting vocals, which lead into See Who I Am. Sharon's clean vocals rule this song during the verses, with the rest of the band joining in during the chorus to give it a heavier feel. It then moves onto Jillian (I'd Give My Heart), which was released as the fourth single. After a quiet start, the song explodes with chanting, drums and guitars. The music softens, and Sharon's vocals take us on a wonderful journey as the tempo and volume vary depending on whether we are in the chorus part or verse part of the song. The song builds up and up, and Sharon finally finishes it.


Next is Stand My Ground, the lead single from the album. This has become one of the signature tracks for the band, and was used as the trailer on the film Blood & Chocolate. A full on song, it sways between softness and heaviness, reflecting the the inner battle that goes in the lyrics of the song. After a couple of heavy songs, we return to a more relaxed pace with Pale, with the vocals being in a slightly higher range than seen already. The sixth song on the album is Forsaken. Again, Sharon's clear vocals own the verses of the song, before a staccato lead up to a smooth chorus.


Angels, a song all about deceit and broken dreams, was the third single release from the album. The music video for the song fits the lyrics of the song quite well - a serial killer who lures his victims in with different uniforms of trust. A very powerful song with the big vocals needed for it. From the loud, we move onto the ballady song, Memories, which probably ranks as one of my favourite songs alongside Ice Queen from the album Mother Earth. While not a particular happy song, it is all about reflections and the will to go on. I love Sharon's vocals on this song - just perfect!


We move back into heavier songs with Aquarius. This is a good song for showing the range of vocals that Sharon possesses. With a nice keyboard/piano start, guitar rifts charge in as It's The Fear starts. Another song about an inner battle, but the music doesn't reflect this as well as other songs on the album.  


We return to a softer song in the form of Somewhere. This song is really growing on me, and I love the duet version with Anneke van Giersbergen that exists - much better than Sharon on her own as there is a great contrast between the two that is perfect for the song. It's all about searching, and I feel I can connect to the lyrics in the song through a few real life experiences. And the music is such great music to sway along to as well!


Finally, a few bonus tracks, which I love! Destroyed follows the style of most of the songs on the album, but there is an edge to Sharon's voice that suits the song. I also think the slight "electric" feel the song has is great. And to conclude, there is Jane Doe. Again, slightly different in style, but a great track. It differs as it features male "death" vocals, which contrast to Sharon's clean, clear and sometime trilly vocals, and it also feels a bit of a cross between pop and metal. It works and is a brilliant way to round off the album.



- Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)




- Somewhere (featuring Anneke van Giersbergen)


Overall Album Rating

Out of 10, I give this a big 9. It is a great piece of work, showinga different style to their music compared to Mother Earth. It contains some of their great songs, and is a definite must for any fan of the symphonic metal genre.

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I know this is a copy of my example review thread, but the album hasn't reviewed before. And I thought it would be unfair not to allow Banders and DMers to have their say!

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Much!  Now I know that this isn't a review of a brand new cd.


Also, I don't know if this is part of the plan already, but I like the idea of say, I posted a review of the album Return of the King by Howard Shore and Jea saw it and disagreed with much of what I said, and then she posts her own review.  I say that we should have a "Average Review", so if Me, Jea, Corki, F Horn, Canis, and Arriandon had all reviewed the same album, there would be an average of all our scores on the first review post, and then each of our reviews individually.  Does that make sense?

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I could do it.  The second or third or whatever poster wouldn't necessarily even have to write up a full review.  If they wanted to, they could just post the scores of each track and then I could average the scores together.  I'd be willing to be the overlord

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