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Kitchen W8, London, UK


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Name: Kitchen W8

Location: 11-13 Abingdon Road, London, W8 6AH

Contact Details: On website


Website: http://www.kitchenw8.com


Category: Modern


Price for a meal for two: £££



I have been meaning to put this review up for a while now, but since we have the new boards here, it seems an ideal time to finally post my review. I visited this restaurant in the Kensington area of London with Northie for our Valentine's Day meal. I had picked the place several weeks earlier, courtesy of two reviews in the weekend paper I read. It sounded a good place, so I booked a reservation, and was hoping it would make up for the disappointment Northie and I had experienced for our 5 year anniversary meal in December 2009 at a mussel bar in London.


The only times I could book were 6pm or nearer 11pm. I don't like eating late, so it had to be the early option. I much prefer eating between 7pm and 8pm when eating out, but so does everyone else! We arrived at 6pm, and we were the first to arrive. We were greeted by very welcoming staff, and the restaurant looked clean and crisp, ready for the evening's service. The lighting for the restaurant was good, and there was plenty of space between tables, so you didn't feel like you were on top of your fellow dinners. We were situated in a corner, so we could spy on the rest of the restaurant! Both Northie and I had done our homework on the menu, which is available online. A few things had changed, so while we decided, we both ordered some drinks. I wish I had gone for something like sherry, not vodka! Next time!


Northie picked the Ravioli Mushrooms for her starter, while I went for the Pork Terrine, with a Chutney and Toast. I can't remember if I tried a bit of her starter (we usually allow the other to have a taste), but I thoroughly enjoyed my terrine. There was another meat in it, and the movement between the two textures was wonderful. The chutney was a perfect accompaniment, and the toast added a crunch.


For our mains, Northie picked the Coq Au Vin, and I had the slow cooked Pork Cheeks. My pork arrived in a rather large bowl, and it was ever so tender. It came on a bed of barley and creamed swede. I was a bit sceptical about the barley, but it was thoroughly enjoyable as it was well flavoured. It all went well together, so it was a brilliant main course. It is possible to order vegetables and potatoes as sides, but we both totally forgot.


We pushed the boat out and had a desert each. Northie, being Northie, picked the Warm Bitter Chocolate Pudding. She is a sucker for that desert, and the small mouthful I had was delicious. I opted for the Rhubarb Fool, which came with a Blood Orange Sorbet. I love blood oranges, so the sorbet was fantastic! There was a nice sharpness to the Rhubarb Fool, and it concluded a thoroughly enjoyable meal. I had a glass of Sauternes (sweet wine) with my pudding, before we both concluded with a coffee each.



Overall Verdict

This restaurant only opened in October 2009, but it should become a really good restaurant amongst the plethora of places to eat in London. Service was good, and they weren't on top of you. There is a service charge added to the end of your bill. The food was top notch, and there is a good variety of options for vegetarians. It definitely made up for the disappointment Northie and I experienced for our anniversary meal. We would definitely go back. It might have been just me, but I did find I was quite thirsty the next day - I am assuming this was a result of my Pork Terrine starter. Apart from that, a great meal!



Each category is out of 5


Ambience: ****

Food: *****

Service: *****

Value for Money: *****

OVERALL: *****

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