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Nick 'n' Knack (General Store --> for increasing stats and armour)


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A small shop cluttered with a menagerie of weapons and armour, the shelves are covered in dust and the floor has not seen a sweep in some time. Two small fat blind men sitting on a stools behind the counter.


The first fat man slurs, "Ah yes, you smell of need, umm..."

The second Fat man in a chiming voice completes the sentence, "yes you are hungry for our wears, yes?"


The little fat men hop of the stools and grabs canes and tapping random items they move in front of the counter.


"I am Nick," the chiming voice starts, "and I am Knack it would be my pleasure to take you money," the slurred voice finishes.


Then in unison to pronounce, "welcome to…




Home to improving your stats and purchasing armour and the like!

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Purchasing of Stats

So, you want to be improving your fighting stats? That means you need to depart with some of your hard earned money! Below are the purchasing prices to beef up your muscles, tone your body and improve your reactions!

Stat Level     Cost
3     3 GP
4     4 GP
5     5 GP
6     6 GP
7     7 GP
8     8 GP
9     11 GP
10    12 GP
11    13 GP
12   14 GP
13   15 GP
14   20 GP
15   25 GP
16   30 GP
17    35 GP
18    71 GP
19    109 GP
20    149 GP

Example of how to buy stats:
You currently have Accuracy = 9, and you want to go to Accuracy = 11.
You would need to purchase a Level 10 stat for 12 GP and a level 11 stat for 13 GP, spending a total of 25 GP.

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PLEASE NOTE - This is no longer for sale. 


HP Increasing Armour


This armour increases your health, increasing your chances of survival in the deadly Arena!
Please Note: HP Increasing Armour doesn't regenerate after every fight, but only every month, so after the extra HP is gone, you start your next fight with the standard 100 HP until one month has passed.

Armour TypeDescriptionArmour Increase    Total HP     Cost
LeatherBasic leather armour, good for a little protection AR +10 HP = 110 15 GP
Chain Chain mail armour, good for a little more protection      AR +20 HP = 120 20 GP
Scale Scale mail armour, this stuff is pretty nice AR +30 HP = 130 40 GP
Half-plate Half plate armour, almost the best stuff there is AR +40 HP = 140 80 GP
Plate Full plate armour, the best armor there is AR +50 HP = 150 160 GP

Please Note:
If a member of the Cavalry, using the Horse Riding Lessons equaliser and HP increasing armour in their first fight of the month, gets both HP increases added to their base HP of 100. For example,
Canis Rufus has Leather Armour (AR +10 --> HP = 110) and War House Equaliser (+60 HP --> HP = 160) has a grand total of 170 HP.
Base (100) + Armour (10) + War Horse (60) = 170

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Damage Reducing Armour


This armour reduces the amount of damage you receive, and greatly increases your slim chances of survival in the Arena!



Armour TypeDescriptionDamage Decrease    Requirements  Cost

Enchanted Leather  Leather armour that has been enchanted by Rand al'Thor AR -3 Strength = 6 30 GP

Enchanted Chain Chain mail armour that has been enchanted by Rand al’Thor  AR -5 Strength = 8 60 GP

Enchanted Mythril Mythril armour that has been enchanted by Rand al’Thor AR -8 Strength = 10 120 GP



Please Note:

Below is a simple example of this type of armour works.

Jeannaisais shoots Corki with one of her Flaming Tipped Arrows (Base = 12). Corki is not able to dodge the attack, so gets hit. However, he is wearing Enchanted Leather Armour (lucky him!). This reduces the amount of damage he receives. As a result, he loses 9 (12 - 3 = 9) from his HP total.

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Master Disarm


Cost = 40 GP


The "Master Disarm" skill allows the user to make any attack he calls before the Dice are rolled a Disarm attack, though he may not call Disarm attack in consecutive rounds.


If the attack succeeds, the victim suffers the same penalty for the next round as if he had suffered the Speed Botch. Naturally a disarm doesn’t effect an Infantryman using Hand-to-Hand Combat, and the Infantryman may use his Hand-to-Hand Combat skill until he retrieves the weapon.


Here is how it works.


The player calls DISARM attack and rolls Accuracy as usual, but instead of rolling WS you roll Strength.


Attacker's accuracy is aimed at opponent's weapon (or hand holding weapon). An unarmed attacker may hit opponent's hand to knock out the held weapon.


If attacker's Accuracy beats opponent's Speed, it's a hit, otherwise it’s a miss and go on to the next round.


Now we have a hit, we must see if we have the Strength to force the weapon out of the opponent’s hand.


If attacker's Strength beats opponent's Strength, then the disarming was successful and the opponent now must suffer the same penalties as if he had botched a Speed roll.


If the opponent’s Strength is equal to or greater than the attacker's Strength, then the disarm fails and the fight continues normally.

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  • 3 years later...

Can armor be upgraded by spending the differance in cost or do you need to purchase a full set? (IE would I spend 5 points to upgrade from leather to chain if I already owned leather or would I need to purchase a new set for the full 20 and then choose one set when starting my battle since I own one leather AND one chain?)

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I assume so, obviously afterwards Infantry would still be able to use their fists of fury (and all that), but Archers would drop bow/daggers. Cav fall of horse/drop lance.


I don't really get the point of this, unless their was a limit to the number of posts in a match and it became about surviving not winning.

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I think this could come in handy near the end of a battle. Say both people are looking at, one hit pretty much ends the battle.  If you disarm your opponent, their chances of hitting you on the next attack are pretty close to none.  Then you can get your attack in...although if you had just attacked then it doesn't really matter...yeah, I'm starting to not get the point of this either.

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