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Pain-Mart (Infantry Regiment Shop)

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A large blacksmith stands beside a roaring fire, hammering at a sword. The room is scorching with the heat of the blaze and the roped arms of the blacksmith stop you as you walk in.


"CLOSE THE DOOR. YOU’RE LETTING OUT THE HEAT!! Right, I've been expecting ya. Ma name's Ganok, and I be welcoming you to...




Home to all Infantry related kit and skills!

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Infantry Skills


Please find the three possible skills you Infantry need for the Arena.


Axe - 20 GP


Bludgeon - 20 GP


Blade - 10 GP

PLEASE NOTE: Upgrade only in affect when using Blade. The WS is an automatic add on to your roll, i.e. you can not roll a zero with these equipped. However, if your weapon is dropped you will lose add on.



Blade Level

WS Gain


Blade II

+2 WS

30 GP

Blade III

+4 WS

70 GP

Blade IV

+8 WS

150 GP

Blade V

+12 WS

310 GP


+12 WS, + 3 Accuracy

630 GP

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Infantry Weapons


The Infantry are expects at using handled weapons, whether they be axes, clubs or swords. Here, you will find a fine collection of beautiful weapons, or a host of ugly brutes with which to do deadly damage to your opponent.



Please Note: Requires Blade Skill



Sword Description Base WS Requirements Cost

Basic Sword Umm...yeah, you get it "no frills" here Base = 3 WS = 5 None Free

Cutlass Short heavy sword with curved, single-edged blade Base = 4 WS = 8 None 16 GP

Katana Japanese single-edged sword Base = 6 WS = 12 Accuracy =5; Speed = 8 32 GP

Claymore A two-handed design used as an anti-Cavalry weapon - The Big One! Base = 8 WS = 14 Strength = 13; Accuracy = 12 64 GP

Longsword Hey!! You could destroy some one with this thing so it’s going to cost ya! Base = 10 WS = 20 Strength = 10; Accuracy = 12; Speed = 12 80 GP




Please Note: Requires Axe Skill



Axe Description Base WS Requirements Cost

Axe Yeah, it’s an axe Base = 2 WS = 8 Strength = 3; Accuracy = 4 Free

Battle Axe A large axe with a spike end Base = 5 WS = 8 Strength = 8; Accuracy = 9 30 GP

War Axe A long haft supporting a double blade attachment Base = 8 WS = 12 Strength = 13; Accuracy = 14 60 GP



Please Note: Requires Bludgeon Skill


Bludgeon Description Base WS Requirements Cost

Club Yeah, you guessed it - it’s a big piece of wood Base = 5 WS = 4 Strength = 3 Free

Battle Hammer A large Sledge Hammer with a riveted head Base = 8 WS =6 Strength = 8 25 GP

War Hammer A large Battle Hammer with a spiked end Base = 11 WS = 10 Strength = 13 50 GP

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Hand-to-Hand Combat Training


This is the equaliser skill for the Infantry.


The major benefit of Hand to Hand Combat Training is as follows:


- The SPEED botch has no effect on you as you are less vulnerable when disarmed. When using Hand-to-Hand Combat, IGNORE a roll of SPEED = 0 with regards to Botch effects.

- When using a weapon, you still get disarmed but instead of using the normal stats for being unarmed, you can fight using your unarmed training for the damage value.


Now you know about what Hand-to-Hand combat allows you to have, let's have a look at the types of fist you can get!


Your Fist Description Base WS Requirements Cost

Basic Defense You can scrap with the best of them Base = 3 WS = 5 None Free

Brute Force You scare your self when you look in the mirror - which cracks! Base = 6 WS = 5 Strength = 5 5 GP

Fist of Fury There is rumour of men that can punch through a wall but you know that its not a rumour as you rub your knuckles Base = 9 WS = 12 Strength = 8 10 GP

Tiger Fist The movement of this is style is so difficult that only the elite can perform it Base = 14 WS = 14 Strength = 15 15 GP

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