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Last updated: 1 September 2013


Welcome to the Restaurant Review Archives. The reviews listed below are organized by both location and by franchise. They are alphabetically listed by region to make them easy to find. Below all of the regions, any reviews done of chains will be listed as these reviews will have no specific location.


Please Note: Many of the reviews listed will take you outside of Dragonmount to an old set of boards now used for Archival purposes only.

Asia (includes Middle East)

China, Beijing, Chaoyang, Zhujianglvjiu, [unknown name] - Chinese

Korea, Uijongbu, “Spaghetti House”

Australia, NSW, Ariah Park, “Ariah Park Hotel Bistro”


Iceland, Reykjavik, "Grillhúsið Steakhouse" - American

France, Paris, Disneyland, “King Ludwig’s Castle”

United Kingdom, England, London, "JW Steakhouse" (Grosvenor House Hotel) - Steak

United Kingdom, England, London, Kitchen W8

United Kingdom, England, London, “Sea Shell, The”
United Kingdom, England, London, “Strada”
United Kingdom, England, London, “Veeraswamy”
United Kingdom, England, Newcastle, “Scalani’s”

United Kingdom, Scotland, Glascow, "The Two Figs."

North America

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver, "Central Bistro"

Canada, Ontario, “World Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant”

USA, Arkansas, Benton, "Buffet City"

USA, Arkansas, Fayetteville, "Shogun"

USA, California, Anaheim, Disneyland, "The Blue Bayou"

USA, California, Fresno, "S21 Sushi & Sake Bar"

USA, California, Roseville, "Claim Jumper"

USA, California, San Diego, "Hexagone"
USA, California, San Francisco, “Shanghai 1930”
USA, Florida, Cross Creek, “Yearling, The”
USA, Florida, Pensacola, “McGuire’s Irish Pub”

USA, Georgia, Athens, "Agua Linda"

USA, Georgia, Athens, "Barberitos" - Burritos

USA, Georgia, Lafayette, "Dos Locos" - Tex Mex [Note -- this location either has no internet presence or has since closed.]

USA, Georgia, Tybee Island, "Sundae Cafe" - Diner

USA, Illinois, Decatur, "Mi Pueblito" - Mexican

USA, Illinois, Rockford, "Lung Fung"
USA, Louisiana, New Orlean’s, “Brennan’s”

USA, Maryland, Baltimore, "G&M Seafood" - Seafood

USA, Maryland, Baltimore, "Isabella's Brick Oven Pizza"
USA, Mississippi, Columbus, “Old Hickory Steakhouse”
USA, Montana, Hamilton, “Cliff House, The”

USA, Oregon, Corvallis, "Local Boyz Hawaiian Cafe"
USA, Oregon, Portland, “Rheinlander” - German
USA, Oregon, Roseburg, “Kowloon Restaurant” - Chinese
USA, Pennsylvania, Lancaster, “Olive and Jasmine’s Asian Bistro”

USA, South Carolina, Duncan, "Demetres" - Americana and Greek
USA, Tennessee, Pigeon Forge, “Dixie Stampede”
USA, Texas, Houston, “Grotto, The”
USA, Texas, Lufkin, “Ralph and Kacoos”

USA, Virginia, Falls Church, "Space Bar" - Beer and Grilled Cheese

USA, Virginia, Grand Falls, "L'Auberge Chez Francois" - French

USA, Washington, Seattle, "Dick's Drive-In"

USA, Wisconsin, Bailey's Harbor, "Coyote Roadhouse"
USA, Wyoming, Cody, “Irma Hotel, The”

Other (Africa, South America, Caribbean, Pacific Islands, etc)

Chain Restaurants


“Cheesecake Factory, The” (Alternate Link)

Edited by F Horn of Valere
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Below are the boundaries for a meal for two including drinks.

UK Pound
£ - £0 - £24.99
££ - £25 - £49.99
£££ - £50 +

US Dollar
$ - $0 - $49.65
$$ - $49.66 - $99.32
$$$ - $99.33 +

Canadian Dollar
£ - C$0 - C$53.30
££ - C$53.31- C$106.63
£££ - C$106.64 +

Australian Dollar
£ - AU$0 - AU$48.88
££ - $48.89 - $97.78
£££ - $97.79 +

£ - €0 - €32.70
££ - €32.71 - €65.42
£££ - €65.43 +

For a conversion of the different currencies, go here.

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