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Before You Start (Gig Review Guideline - Read First)

F Horn of Valere

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When doing a Gig Review, the goal is to be as specific as possible so that others may actually benefit from the review if they are considering attending a future event by the artist or venue reviewed, therefore detailed specifics are encouraged!


As it is rare that more than one Bander will attend the same gig, there is no official archive kept as duplicate reviews will rarely happen. For your reference and curiosity, Gig Reviews written between 2005 and 2010 are located HERE.


Things to include:

- Location of Gig (in subject line - include country, state/province etc, and City)

- Synopsis of overall gig experience

- Rating of Performer(s)

- Rating of Venue


Just remember, a review is just that...a Review! Think of it as more of an article than a thread! To get a feel of what a review should look like, check out the following example: Corki's review of Nightwish at the Brixton Academy, London.


To earn points:

- Start a review

- Get helpful responses to your review

- Add useful information to someone else's review.

- Ask questions which lead to furthering the quality of someone else's review.


Also, if a review is deemed to be particularly excellent by the Senior Staffer awarding points, you may possibly be awarded 3 points instead of 2.


Just be warned - if a review is done sloppily and not to the above standards, the Senior Staffer awarding points may choose to award points only to those which reply.


Replies that seem to be done just for the sake of replying and/or spamming, and do not significantly contribute, will not be awarded points.


Once points are awarded in a thread, no further points will be awarded.

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