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Carai an Shai'tan by CotS RP Group (Come Join the Party)

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...You feel asleep last night and waking up this morning you have a feeling something is not quite as usual, opening your eyes you understand why as you realise you are looking up at the sky, and the birdchirping was not just a dream. There is forest around you, but you realise you are hearing other sounds as well, it actually sounds like festiveties. How odd you think and descide to investigate, walking towards the sound you sudenly see an opening ahead in the woods, there is a glen filled with fires and people, and the glen is shaping downward in a bowl, in the midle there is this construction.


Standing puzled for a moment you suddenly realises it reminds you of something, but could it be? Is it really a portal stone? This surely must be a dream, then you see the odd creatures, and behind you you hear a voice, turning you freeze, a creature in black, eyeless and white looks at you, and with a hissing voice speaks...

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- "I see you have arrived. Come, you do not wish to know what happens to those that arrive late."


And without a word, the Myrddraal known as Calaun Ontrix Seyr turned to walk towards the clearing, not even bothering to look back to see if the guests were following her. Her back itches incessantly the way it always did when there were people channeling in the area, and it was an effort not to take it out on some unfortunate forest animal. There would be time for that later, for now she had a job to do.

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M'bela sipped the dark red rich wine, she stood in the shadow of a tree close to one of the many bonfires in this night. There were many faces she hadnt seen before, but tonight was a night of truce as was normal for festive events like this, many also wore masks of different kinds to hide their identity. A smile lurked in the corner of her lips, so used to hiding behind different looks, she was attending in her natural form tonight, it was unlikely anyone who shouldnt, would recognize her based on prior meetings, simply because she would mostly alter her look when dealing with those of lesser ranks.


She wondered if any of the chosen was there in disquise, maybe even Semirhage, though she knew she would only see her mistress if she herself descided to reveal herself to M'bela. It was a dual edged sword even so, dealing with Semirhage could be unpleasant even if she was her rollemodel. She sipped the wine again, it bore traces of spice, which was just as well, since she could hold it close to her face and breathe in the fumes, thus hiding the smell of the shadowspawn present this night.


She turned around as she heard footsteps, put a smile upon her lips and prepared to put up the act of festive and jolly mood, greeting the person coming to join the bonfire, afterall there was no better place to safely recruit followers then these events.


M'bela wa Askari




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These humans and their pretensions, it never ceased to amaze Myyrth the lengths to which they would go to maintain a lie.  Even if the only ones they were lying to were themselves.  They are committed to their own destruction, I at least know that I am a slave.  Perhaps they think that their oaths are empty, that they might drop them at their pleasure.  Short sighted creatures.  Others of his kind moved through the gathered men and women, true servants of the shadow.  For a myrddraal, serving the Great Lord was a calling they were born to.  Like the Great Lord they served, some part of each of them yearned for self-destruction.  These humans didn’t see it, but each one of them had committed themselves to suicide.


“The Wheel of Time turns… for now.”  He says.  Turning he moves through the crowd careful to keep his gaze lowered.  Some Dreadlords didn’t like feeling their ‘servants’ eyes on them.  Myyrth wove widdershins through the gathering, ending up on the outside edge of the party.  Few stood here by the shadow of the woods.  He disliked being near so many channelers, but he supposed it was better to know than not to know.


From the outside looking in he was able to spot when new arrivals came, when another Fade arrived with a Dreadlady in tow he snorted.  Always at their beck and call, yet he shouldn’t concern himself overmuch.  The status quo was shifting ever faster as the Great Lords power waxed.  Before the end they would be licking his boot heels as he crushed their skulls one at a time.  His eyeless gaze swept over the Darkfriends, scheming up their little conspiracies.  Forging short-lived alliances of convenience; pathetic.  The air was rife with intrigue and the heady smell of hedonism.  Service to the Great Lord granted many freedoms, the only price was eternal service before the end of all things.


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ooc (out of character) : come now, no one at all brave enough to dip their toes into the waters of rolleplay?  its fun, be yourself transfered to a portal stone world, or imagine being someone else transfered to a portal stone world where things are more or less as in the book world...and come join the party...I promise we dont bite (much)

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