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Approved White Tower Bio for Amadine al'Varine - CCd by WK


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DM Username: Amadine

Real Name: Amanda

Email: harper78@bigpond.net.au



Name: Amadine al’Varine (arma-dine al-var-in)

Age: 15

Nationality: Andoran (Caemlyn)


Hair: Red-brown – dead straight to the middle of her back often tied into a loose tail at her neck with a ribbon.

Eyes: Very deep blue, varies from almost blue-black when angry to almost violet extremely happy

Skin: Fair with a sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheeks

Height: 5’4”

Other: A girl of average height, possessing what her grandmother always called “a body designed for child bearing” larger than average breasts and hips to match, but slender through the waist. She has a pretty face but is not the girl that the local boys like to pay attention to.

Personality: Generally a likable girl, eager to please. She is ordinary in every way. A little feisty when provoked to anger and tends to be a bit of a day-dreamer, but still completes every task set to her.


Family: Amadine has grown up in Caemlyn, but had never been into the Inner City until at 13 she was hired as a maidservant/companion for Patira Mi’aven, wife of Caemlyn merchant Bren Mi’aven. Her mother, Carinia al’Varine, is a dressmaker of above average skill, well known to the upper class Caemlyn residents and one or 2 noble women. Amadine’s employer, Patira is a long time customer of Carinia’s. Her father Mazrit al’Varine, works as a stableman at The Rose of Caemlyn, an inn that once was very grand, catering to nobles, but now is mostly frequented by wool and tabac merchants passing through Caemlyn. Amadine’s older brother Gris (22) works with their father at the inn and was recently married to Brinly and her older sister Maris (19) is married to Keenan Halpend and currently pregnant with her first child. Maris works with her mother dressmaking.


Background: Amadine is the last of Mazrit and Carinia’s three children to be living in the house they own. Their house is only a street away from the Inner City but Amadine has never had cause to go to the Inner City until she is hired by Patira Mi’aven. The house is a 2 storey stone house with tile roof. The lower floor of the house is completely dedicated to the dressmaking business Carinia runs with the help of her eldest daughter Maris. Maris and her husband Keenan live across from her parents where Keenan recently inherited his cobbler business when his employer passed on with no living relatives, only the apprentice he thought of as his son. Gris and his father Mazrit have converted an old disused stable in the back of the house into a home for Gris and his new bride Brinly.

As the youngest by 5 years Amadine was a child that Carinia longed for, suffering the stillbirth of 2 babes before Amadine was born. Patira Mi’aven has been a customer of the dressmaker’s since before Amadine was born and counts Carinia as a close friend. Since her maidservant died, Patira often gets lonely at home as Bren’s work as a Merchant keeps him travelling between the Two Rivers and Cairhrien buying and selling Two Rivers Tabac. Carinia suggest she hire Amadine to be her maidservant, Patira agrees and Amadine goes to work for Patira. Patira and Bren’s grand house is just inside the walls of the Inner City. A large house with lots of bedrooms which Patira had once expected to fill with children but after 20 years of marriage at 37 years of age she knows she will never be blessed with children. Amadine becomes her companion, running errands when required, fetching and serving tea for visitors, reading to Patira. Amadine walks to Patira’s of a morning, escorted by her brother Gris, and Mazrit, Gris or Keenan comes to collect her of an evening.

When Patira falls ill, Amadine goes to fetch the Healer, Azria, when she reaches the Healer’s there is a woman there, Amadine thinks she is a noble woman and curtseys to her saying “Excuse me Mistress, but will you come Mistress Azria, Mistress Patira has taken ill”

Azria collects her bag of herbs and excuses herself from her visitor; the visitor says she will come also, that she may be of help. Azria makes no attempt to introduce her visitor to Amadine. The two women accompany Amadine back to the house and then up to Patira’s room. Patira is feverish and incoherent; Azria’s visitor goes to Patira while Azria is still searching for particular herbs in her bag. The woman places her hands on either side of Patira’s face and Patira begins to breathe easily and relaxes into a restful slumber. Azria comes to Patira and seeing she now rests easy feels her forehead – the fever is gone. She looks at the woman in wonder “wh-what did you do? You used no herbs, you had no time... are you.... are you Aes Sedai?”


The woman nodded. Aes Sedai! Amadine is amazed and drops into another curtsey “My apologies Aes Sedai, I did not know! I’d not have bothered you if I had known!”

Even Azria is speechless; it is obvious she had not known either “Aes Sedai” she breathed “I am honoured”


“Yes well child, it is as well I happened to be in your shop this afternoon, this woman surely would have died if I had not healed her. Her womb was twisted and turning to disease, your herbs could not have cured that. Attend to her now Healer, I must go, the girl will see me out”

The Aes Sedai strode from the room with Amadine trailing her, at the front door Amadine found her voice “Thank you Aes Sedai, the light illumine you”

The Aes Sedai turned to her and with a light touch on the top of her head she said “be well child, your Mistress will wake soon; she will need a light meal. The light illumine you child” And with that she turned and strode away from the house. Amadine, still in shock stood in wonder until Azria called to her from the bedroom upstairs “Amadine! Come child; bring tea for your mistress!”


Amadine tells her mother the story with a face full of wonder that evening. She spends much of her time thinking about the nameless Aes Sedai, she had never told Azria her name either. Patira is amazed when Amadine tells her of the Aes Sedai; she remembers nothing of her illness. Months later Patira has Amadine run again to the Healer as she is feeling ill. Azria comes and pronounces that Patira is pregnant! Amadine overhears Azria tell Patira that it was the Aes Sedai’s healing that allowed this and Amadine is in awe once more.

Amadine goes home and tells her mother she wants to go to Tar Valon and study to be an Aes Sedai. Her mother is astounded, but after some time comes around to the idea. Carinia explains to Amadine that she must be tested at the White Tower before she can commence any studies, that she must not be disappointed if she does not have the abilities required to be Aes Sedai, but Amadine cannot be swayed and just after her 15th birthday, Gris escorts his sister to Tar Valon.


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