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Oi! Know What Empy's Are? Yes? No? Either Way Get the Hell In Here!

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Hi. I've called you all together on a very serious matter. You see one of the gods, a fellow named Emperor, decided some years ago to rain down on Dragonmount a special kind of love. It was not world peace, or a cure for poverty, or any of that other riff raff, but rather the only method of love that is important in our increasingly secular world.




Now mortals have played with this before. The Academy Awards. The Oscars. But Empy took this concept, and perfected it. The key, you see, was to make it all about us. That is what the Empy's are, they are awards about us. Best poster. Best new member. Best Jibber-jabberer (that last ones not a real one, but it should be, don't you think?)


[so, how's this whole smarmy salesperson thing working for you guys? Funny? Sad? Yeah, sorry].


Ok, so cutting the crap, the Empy's are coming up, and I'm looking to create a bit of buzz. You see standardly its the community side--the Orgs and the RP--that rock up to this, and it's led to a bit of a perception that the WoT and Debate folks aren't that interested in this sort of community play, and only come for WoT or Debate.


I frankly don't think that's correct. I see this board as a family--a dysfunctional messed up family, which is to say a normal one. So, if you reguard this board as something of a community give us a shout out here in this thread--which, you know, I'll reguard as a contractional aggreement that you'll get involved in the nominations and voting when they come round.  ;D


Also, if you have any ideas for WoT catagories throw them out (bold them so I see them). So far we have Biggest WoT Geek and Best WoT Thread. I can't promise we'll use your ideas--we don't want to swamp things in ten million awards--but if you think of an aspect of board activity in which a group of people are active and excelling then lay it down.

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hows about the "who killed asmodean" award for craziest theory


... That's actually an awesome idea!


You've gotta have a Bella award in there somewhere too  :D

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Goddamit it come on! I've stuck my ass out on the basis you lot give a crap about this board. Support me, and support the board that lets you discuss the Wheel!


Tell you what, whoever comes up with the best WoT based option gets to choose my sigs for a month. They can say anything (within the sig rules). "Luckers is a doody-pants", "Luckers makes up quotes", "Luckers admits he was wrong about the Body Swap". Have fun.


You guys come here in your love of WoT, have some community spirit.

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hows about the "who killed asmodean" award for craziest theory


... That's actually an awesome idea!


You've gotta have a Bella award in there somewhere too  :D


And the Bela lifetime achievement award goes to Mr. Ares...

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If you want this side of the site to get involved, how about things aimed at specifically the WoT debate side... like:


Funniest single post, non-community

(Funniest single post, community, too)

Best New Theory

Best New Fan Art

Best WoT Book Review

Annual Dragonmount Librarian Award (given to the person who demonstrates the most command of all WoT errata, and generally answers questions with quotes... they could even add that title to their sig for the rest of the year: 2010 Dragonmount Librarian)


And I think there should be a Hall of Fame for Dragonmount posters... and I'm not talking about sheer number of posts. Let the mods vote on it the first year, based on what people bring to the site in general and specifically to the boards that the mods... well, mod. After that, HoF members can vote in years to come on additions to their numbers provided that current HoF members have met some standard of involvement in the site (like, if a HoF member has posted more than 25 times since last year's vote, they can vote for this year's inductees). Let in only a certain maximum number each year, OR... let it be a standard threshold... every voter votes for three people out of 15 nominees, and any candidate receiving 60% support makes it in. Or whatever threshold. I have plenty of ideas on this, if you want to talk about it further.


But if the Empys are named after Emperor... the Hall has to be named after... me. :D

The Hall of Nilly?

Nilly's Hall of Fame?

The Nill?




I'll give some thought to other categories. These are what came from off the top of my head.

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Best thread has to be the BUT thread. 179 pages and counting.


How about best "Subject of Circular Arguments"? My vote is Balefire. Every time it gets brought up, the same arguments come up and go in the same circle.


Yeah, the name is carp, but you get the idea.


Also recommend the "WoT" related awards. There's a lot going one here, and it's hard to keep up with everything. The only "personalities" I can name off the top of my head are people I DON'T want getting any awards or recognition.

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Claire explained it better than me because I'm in the process of moving house. So I'm gonna steal hers. Go copy and paste!


Nominations for the 2009 Empy Awards are now open. 


A few things to remember:


These awards are for the time span Jan. 1 2009 - Dec. 31st 2009.  So please only nominate members active during that timespan (i.e. a person who joined in 2010 is not eligible for awards until NEXT year's ceremony).


You may only use the nomination form once, so please think about your choices before hitting Submit, because you don't get a do-over!  Attempting to stuff the ballot box with multiple uses is also frowned upon.


You do not have to fill out every box on the nomination form, so don't feel obligated to pick somebody for every category if you don't know who to pick.


Nominations are only open until Feb. 20th (11 days from today), so get crackin, and don't wait til the last minute.


Please use the person's HANDLE at DM  (so "claireducky" instead of "Claire" or "mother ducker", or "that crazy chick with the stole") and not any other way you refer to them.


The people with the most nominations will be selected as finalists for the award category they are nominated in.  After that will follow a period of voting for the winner.  Only a few people for each category will become finalists, so make your nomination count!


I think that about covers it, if you are ready to start nominating, go here:




Go, go, go, go, go!


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