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Talent Show {Attn: Nakor}


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OOC: Sorry if im a bit rusty, plus i just threw this together. If it doesn't work let me know.


IC: Tai walked out into the cold, grey morning and scrubbed his face with his hands. He let out a sigh that felt as old as stones beneath his home. Looking around the clearing wearily, his thoughts drifted over last night's occurrences. Mounds of paperwork had kept him busy late into the night. Minor problems in Tear and other official matters that he was now in charge of, had kept him up. It was a good thing they had or he would have been asleep when one of the men scouting in Mayne had opened a gateway into his traveling room. It was not often that someone opened a gateway in his home without his prior knowledge and the man was lucky he had not triggered a few wards. The news had been minor, but he had been asked that any threat in his old home be relayed to him. The news had robbed him of the remainder of his sleep that night…


Rousing himself from his memories he sighed and knuckled his back. Regardless of his lack of sleep, he had a job to do. Assuming the Void he reached for Saidin. Chaos stayed blissfully in the shadows of his mind. He didn’t want to have to wrestle Saidin and Chaos today, the Light only knew what would happen. His thoughts were swept away by the thundering avalanche of fire and ice that was Saidin, pouring into him. It filled his very bones and crashed through him, making him feel alive. Opening a gateway, he stepped across the Farm. Making his way to the East Gates, he heard some small explosions. Tai sighed to himself. It seemed that blowing things up was the favorite part of training for most new recruits. It certainly was effective.


Rounding the massive stone gates, Tai was shocked by what he saw. Obviously a training exercise had gone horribly wrong. Luckily he still held Saidin. Breaking into a run, he prepared a few shields and defensive weaves. Men in black coats lay scattered across the ground, including the half charred corpse of the poor Dedicated that was in charge here. One man sat atop an interesting construction of Earth, giggling to himself and flinging fireballs which exploded on impact.


“Flaming bloody-“ Tai started, flattening himself against the wall abruptly as an explosion threw debri in his direction. He briefly considered grabbing some nearby Asha’man but didn’t dare leave this fool alone with the men he noticed still alive, attempting to stop the man. If he could get their attention and co-ordinate their efforts, they could easily take the man out. Chaos cackled something about the ease of killing in the back of his head and Tai’s mood grew darker…


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  Five days.  It had been five days since Brent's death had led to a recall of all those he had found ways to get rid of during his tenure.  Just days after Brent had risen to power he had exiled Nakor to the manor house in Tear.  now he had been welcomed back to the Farm, but he was finding the transition more difficult than anticipated.

  In Tear he had quickly earned authority and responsibility.  He had grown accustomed to a certain level of admiration and respect from those around him, cherished all the more because it was earned and not gained solely by his birth as in the past.

  But here at the Farm he was unknown to most.  They looked at him with derision and underestimated him because of his youth, his small stature, and the extended time he had spent as a Dedicated without yet earning the dragon pin of an Ashaman.  It rankled.  Nakor was not usually given to an arrogant nature but it was damaging to his pride to see those looks they sent his way.  He knew he was smarter and stronger with Saidin than most of those in question, but he refused to sink to their level of pettiness to prove it by challenge.  So he was forced by conscience to ignore them.

  Instead, he had recommitted himself to his oaths to become the best weapon he could for the Dragon, and to proving himself to the officers here at the Farm.  He was confident that soon enough he would wear not only the dragon pin on his collar but lightning bolts on his sleeves as well.  Maybe even dragons one day.

  To that end he had set himself to rise early every morning to practice weaves and experiment with new ones before going about his assigned tasks of teaching Soldiers, training with other Dedicated, or going on recruitment trips.  This morning was no different, and when he was finished he headed to the inn to get some breakfast.

  On his way he spotted his old friend Tai'Dashan.  He was walking toward him, hand raised in greeting, mouth open to call out, when he heard a series of explosions and saw Tai run off toward them to help.

  Nakor was glad he hadn't yet let go of Saidin from his practice session.  maintaining his hold was easier than the struggle to grasp it, so he had taken to holding on as long as he could.  Running after the Attack Leader, Nakor prepared some defensive weaves as he ran.  Arriving on the scene, he was shocked at the destruction.

  Making his way to lend aid to Tai, he was pelted by a shower of debris.  He quickly raised a shield of air, and cursed himself for not doing it sooner.  He raised a wall of Earth in front of Tai, angled to cover their heads as well, and knelt down beside him.  He grinned up at his old friend and asked, "You got a plan, Baijan M'hael, or do you want me to come up with one?"

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Tai felt Saidin from behind him and watched as Nakor threw up a wall of Earth to protect them. The bloody man grinned at him like this was a field day...Chaos cackled away in his head.


"You got a plan, Baijan M'hael, or do you want me to come up with one?"


Tai checked his foul mood, it wasn't Nakor's fault his mood was so dark. Chaos leaped on that one and Tai was forced to shove him back down yet again. Before he could speak they were joined by a small group of Soldiers and Dedicated. Tai nodded in approval, this was more than enough to take this guy out.


"Dedicated," He said to Nakor. "I want you to cover me while I make an advance along the wall, throw fireballs, rocks, whatever you need to to keep him distracted."


Weaving an intricate web of Fire and Air, Tai began to weave Folded Light. The weave changed however. Adding more air and a touch of spirit just...there. It was complex and required more dexterity as the weave constantly moved, and flowed, requiring him to constantly reweave it. It was difficult and without distraction never would have kept him hidden, but it was a good idea as far as the current situation.


"Now" he said to Nakor. He applied the weave to himself, vanishing from sight. He still shimmered as he crept along the wall, but little enough he hoped that he would escape notice.


OOC: Feel free to NPC the crazy dude and have him spot tai, w/e have fun with it! ^^

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