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Meet and Greet {WK/BT Phase 1}{OPEN TO ALL}


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ooc: Ok, so I'm horrible with titles get over it ;) This is Phase 1 of the interdiv rp discussed here(BT) and here(WK).  As the description says, this is open to anyone from these two divisions even if you have no intention of joining the rest of the rp.


ic: A few hours past noon Nakor joined a group of Ashaman and fellow Dedicated at the Traveling grounds.  They were heading to join up with some mysterious allies Covai had called the Wolfkin.  They would be staying the night with these allies and in the morning begin a joint effort to scout out the Shadow-controlled lands south of the Blight, what used to be Shienar and Arafel.

  Seeing Covai signal for him to open the Gateway Nakor took hold of Siadin and wrestled for control of it.  It was easier now than it once was, but still a struggle that took all his strength.  Thankful that he did not sick-up in front of so many he wove the flows to open the Gateway.

  On the other side stood a barefooted giant of a man wearing animal skin for pants and an open leather vest.  A battle-axe hung over his shoulder and a pair of smaller axes hung from his belt, one on each hip.  On his left was a massive grey wolf and on his right an only slightly smaller black she-wolf with white paws.  Behind them stood an assortment of smaller wolves that looked to be adolescents.

  Holding Saidin Nakor knew he had nothing to fear from the giant or his companions despite the near terror their appearance invoked.  But then he remembered that they would be entering a Stedding.  He would be losing his connection with Saidin and be almost completely helpless.  His mind was still his strongest weapon but physically he would be defenseless.  He was quite happy to stand quietly in the back of the group and follow Covai's lead for the time being.


  The wind stirred the leaves into miniature cyclones around his feet as Burrich considered the situation he found himself in.  Growing up he'd been told stories of men who could channel, stories meant to frighten him into good behavior.  He was taught to fear the very idea of men consumed by the Dark One's taint.  Yet, here he stood waiting to meet a group of such men and lead them to his home and the home of those he was sworn to protect.

  Other Guardians and Rangers too hid silently watching amongst the trees but he alone stood at the edge of the clearing to greet their allies.  Well, not quite alone.  Storm Hunter and Snow Paws had decided to accompany him, along with all ten of their half-grown pups.  Their presence served to calm and steady him and watching the pups wrestle entertained him while waiting.

  Suddenly a line appeared in midair in the center of the clearing.  As it rotated to form an opening in the air Storm and Snow came to stand on either side of him.  The pups, sensing the mood of their parents, quickly calmed down and ranged themselves in a rough horseshoe behind.  A group of black-coated men stepped through the hole in the air.  The last was an extremely short and very young man with a curious white streak running through his black hair and a silver sword pinned to his collar.

  As soon as this last man stepped through the hole it blinked away.  Burrich cast his voice to be heard by all but met locked eyes with the one he thought to be their leader, a man with red and gold serpents etched onto his sleeves, "Welcome allies from the Black Tower.  My name is Burrich Fallstar.  If you would please follow me into the Stedding, I will lead you to our inn where you can enjoy refreshments as we work together to finalize our preparations for tomorrow's journey."  Those were the words he'd been told to say, he only hoped they made the right impression.

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((This needed a responce besides Tay bumping it.))


Winter sat near the entrance to the Hole in the Wall, talking with Forest as he ran his blade over with the whetstone, the soft sound of stone over metal calming after he had trained for a few hours with another of the younger wolfkin. Forest lay not too far from him, chewing on a small rabbit that she had hunted down earlier while she had waited for him to be finished with his training, she had mused that rather like the older sister she was that he had missed lunch because of his training. He had laughed at that and had gotten himself a few rolls to snack on while he waited for the stew that was cooking inside to be finished for dinner.


It had become a daily ritual as of late, practicing for the morning and then grabbing some food at the Hole, then wandering the Stedding as he explored the area he now lived in. As he thought about this a comment drifted from Forest and he returned to the present.


"What did you say sister?" He sent to her, more of a picture of a wolf's ears perking up as if to listen.


"I said, there is a strange scent on the wind." She sent back, a picture of herself sniffing the air as the leaves drifted past. "Were you not listning?"


"I was listning sister, but my mind was elsewhere." He replyed, in truth his mind had started to drift due to being tired and hungry.


"Thinking about finding a house of your own?" She asked, looking up at him with her golden eyes, the question clear in both her sending and her eyes. "Because we cannot park ourselves in the den of others for much longer, no matter how kind they are. We need to find a den of our own, where we can perhaps offer shelter for those who are newer then us to the Stedding."


Winter smiled at her, and was about to respond when he smelled something. It had been there since Forest had spoken about it, but he had not payed the strange scent any notice, but not it was growing stronger and seemed to be growing closer. He looked at Forest, and she looked at him, both of them standing up at the same time, sword and rabbit forgotten. Winter sheathed his blade and walked forward, Forest at his side with ears perked forward attempting to catch the sound of footsteps.


Shortly there after Winter saw a large man, whom he recognized as Burrich, leading other men. They all looked nervouse, but Winter could not tell why as they were all armed and carried themselves in the same way he had often seen his older brothers carry themselves. All of them had the look of soldiers in hostile territory though, like wolves trapped between a rock and a hard place, and as they drew near Winter understood why. They were male channelers, he had heard rumors of them, both form those inside the Stedding and from before he had met Forest.


A small smile dawned on his face, not an unkind one but one that showed he understood a little. They could not channel here, and were nervous as most likely did not know the Wolfkin, and for that they were afraid.


"As well they should be." Forest said from beside Winter, "From the thoughts and memories that sturr in your mind as they pass they have much to be worried about."


"And not just from us sister." Winter said softly in his mind, a picture of a wolf watching with his pack from a high place, as human hunters walk towards the herd of deer that the pack had been aiming to hunt.


They watched the men walk past, and followed after them, a sense of curiousity instilled in Winter and Forest. What could they be here for? More imporantly, what were they like? It was not every day that one ran into a group of male channelers in your home.


Winterwinds and Forest Shadow.


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