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Approved CotL bio (Elister) - CC'd by the BT


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DM Handle: Ticondrius


Character name: Elister - Eli - El - Old El - ol' El


Origin: Amadicia


Physical appearance: Unkempt black hair. Shaves only once every 3 days, using a sword edge. Gaunt-faced, many small scars from shaving cuts. 5' 7". Right eye - Grey (Burns with controlled fervor/insanity). Left eye - Ice Blue (cold, hard and penetrating). 31 naming days


Proficiency: Prefers a pair Shortswords as opposed to a longsword. Has skill with a horsebow. Skilled in the use of a Lance.


Beliefs: Believes the numbers 3 and 7 are "safe numbers".


Summary of Biography: Born with two blue eyes. Best friend turned out to be a Darkfriend. Happened about when he was 19. Questioners caught and tortured the Darkfriend in the townsquare. He is shocked and disbelieving.


Stranger broke out of the crowd, killed torturer and other Questioners. Stranger kills best friend, then committed suicide screaming "GREAT LORD SHELTER ME!" No way to know truth, never believes friend was Darkfriend, hates Questioners for their over-zealotry, hates Darkfriends for killing his friend.


Sneaks away the shortsword used by the Darkfriend to kill himself, vowing to himself to use it to kill more of them. Never really recovers from shock, seed of insanity.  Right eye turns grey in only a few days. Joins Children of Light to "keep an eye" on the Hand of Light and hunt Darkfriends. Doesn't believe Trollocs and Myrrddral are real.


Taught horse archery, armour, and use of a lance by the Children. In melee, lost to a berserker bloodlust carried by his insanity, wielding 2 shortswords with middling skill with virtually no training.  Cannot stop unless killed or enemies defeated, often takes more wounds than he should.





 Elister, who was called Eli by all but his mother, was a typical county lad. Hardly a care in the world besides chasing the town girls and daring his best friend into wild pranks.

 As it was, from time to time a patrol of the Hand of Light, accompanied by other Children, would pass through in the constant task of ensuring Amadicia remained clean of Darkfriends.  Especially those loathsome Aes Sedai.

 However, today it would seem that his whole life changed in only an instant...he still could not believe that his own friend, Adom, was charged with being a Darkfriend.  Adom's protests...and then screams...as he was dragged from his mother and was tortured, still rang in his ears.  

 But the worst and most confusing part of the day was that Stranger.  He'd rushed up onto the execution platform and slew three of the Children before taking wound himself, stabbing Adom as almost an afterthought, then ran himself through.  "Take my soul and use me, Great Lord!!", he had shouted as he died.

 The crowd, and Eli, were understandably shocked into silence.  The Children took the bodies away...to bury their honored dead, and to burn the Darkfriend corpses. Eli stood there staring at where his friend had died, seemingly without purpose, without justice.  He stood there long, until after night fell. Something in him had changed forever.

 Finally, stirring, resolved at least to see if he might still be able to beg the Children for his friend's body for burial, he set off toward their camp at the edge of town.

 Before even reaching the camp, Eli saw that the Children had wasted no time. The camp had been struck and they had been gone for sometime already, the smoking remains of Adom and nameless Darkfriend all they had left behind. Or was it?  Seeing something reflecting the moonlight, Eli approached the remains of the camp...and was surprised to find the blade the unnamed darkfriend had used that afternoon. Covered in char, Eli carefully recovered the weapon and cleaned it on the grass.

 Staring at the light reflected from the blade, Eli, in his budding madness, slit open his left palm and let drip his blood on the ashes.  Silently he swore to avenge Adom with Darkfriend blood. He stood there for a time, staring at nothing, squeezing his left hand tightly. As he stood, something snapped completely in him, something that couldn't comprehend the 'why?' of what had happened that day.

 Over the next few weeks, he began to trust his friends and townsfolk less and less. His right eye seemed to "die" as the blue faded away into a flat grey, though he could still see with it. People called it unnatural, whispered behind his back and more than once he heard someone whisper "darkfriend" as he passed. Angry and paranoid, he'd often get into crude fights with people he passed. Finally, even his own mother could no longer make excuses for his rudeness. His father gave him two gold crowns, and sent him on his way.

 Bitter and angry, Eli wandered the roads until he reached Amandor, and the Fortress of Light. He stopped a passing Child, asking where he might enlist with the Children. With a sneer for the state of his dress, he was pointed towards the Fortress itself.

 Over the next few years, driven by his fervor and hatred, Eli became an accomplished cavalryman, learning the lance as all Children do, horse archery and how to use the armour given him.  He'd had a twin to the sword he'd taken from his friend's grave made. He used no other blades in combat. Never caring to train in the more usual 2 handed longsword, Eli became a berserker in close combat.

 Through battles as one of the Children, often taking more wounds than he should have, Eli now looked far older than his mere 31 years.  Taken to shaving with his sword, his gaunt face was now criss-crossed with many fine, thin scars. His now steel grey eye burned with hate, while his remaining blue eye seemed to drive into a man and through his soul, as if to see what color it was. Children given to his command named him "ol' Eli" or "ol' El".  He never paid notice anymore, except to stare for long whiles at others..until they could no longer stomach the intense scrutiny of those mismatched eyes.

 Known to be hard with Discipline, he was recently offered the post of Master of Irons in the Fortress itself. In charge of all new recruits. He accepted gladly, believing it a divine duty to ensure no Darkfriends ever infiltrated the Children...and also being in the Fortress would place him where he might keep a sharp eye on the Hand as well.






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