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Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls, it Tolls For Eqwina (Retro RP)


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There was darkness in Eqwina now, a hard place in her heart that she couldn’t fully comprehend. Often while she sat alone in her rooms she would prod at the now lifeless mass in her chest and wonder how her life had come to such a place. Not too many years gone she had been a young woman in love, on the path to becoming an Aes Sedai and bonding Nevin as her Warder, now what was she? An Aes Sedai yes, if only barely in most people’s eyes. Her strength in the power was among the strongest, but her strength of will was not much thought of. At that moment Eqwina could not imagine rising to any heights in her chosen life., even though she could swear she’d been promised….


A cold chill crept into her rooms and Eqwina quickly glanced around; sensing that she was not alone. All her windows were barred and the door as well, but she could sense something more…lurking in the shadows, ever menacing..ever waiting. This feeling came often lately, always when she was alone, and it always grew stronger when she thought on the night that Isha had died. Strangely, frightening as it was she did not feel in eminent danger, only..watched.


Crossing the room quickly she started a fire on the hearth, and it a few more lamps. The flickering light banished the shadows, but tonight it did not drive the feeling away. Turning away from the fire Eqwina fought hard the urge to faint. ‘What do you want! I gave you my oaths! What more do you want?!” In the moments of silence that stretched on after she spoke, Eqwina waited on her toes expecting to hear an answer in the wind, but when she heard nothing she sat back down at her writing desk with a nervous laugh.


“Talking to the wind..that’s all.” As she nervously picked up her pen, her free hand gripped the chain around her neck that still held Nevin’s family crest. Even now she found comfort in him, long after he’d left her. She only had a small stack of correspondences to read today, and even with having to decipher them and rewrite them in code she was done all too quickly, and the uneasy feeling had not subsided.


Not wanting to be alone any longer she decided that facing the humiliation of the open hallways was preferable to solitude. Even though she’d already gained the ageless face she still wrapped a Yellow fringed shawl around her shoulders before leaving her rooms. There had been a few incidents lately, and she was in no mood for a repeat. Stretching to her full 4’10” height she began a slow circuit of the Tower Halls. The feeling was less here, even if it did not dissipate completely.




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