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Yellow/Blue Auction - Lor [Vote!]

Which bid do YOU want to win? ;)  

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  1. 1. Which bid do YOU want to win? ;)

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The bids made for Lor, The Mistress of Novices, are as followed:




Bid number 1:

Find at least 1 post by a Novice every day, then post after them, yelling at them for not scrubbing the floors (or any other task) properly. Make the post as humorous as possible.



Bid number 2:

She must follow me around the WT, and whenever I post, she must post immediately after, singing my praises or saying things like:


"And so it was written."


"She has spoken!"


"Lo, the choirs of heaven sing!  *Ahhhhhhhhh!*"



Bid number 3:

The MoN would be made to be a novice for a week again and act the part, visiting every Ajah and Disc and trying to find her home and be all novice-y.



Bid number 4:

The Mistress of Novices has been around novices so long that she breaks down and starts acting like one again... running around causing mischief wherever she goes.



Bid number 5:

Your task is two fold. I figure, you're the MoN. You are the gate keeper. You are the one that clears things up when new comers are confused. Well, it's time to change that! For a whole week, you must use smileys that completely contradict your statements (if you're making a happy statement, use an angry smiley and vice versa). Also, you will find yourself craving to set random WT members on fire. Do not fight the urge, just go with it.




- Auction staff


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LMAO Oh, if I could get my MSN collection. I can pretend not to remember about the PG13 rating if I'm a newbie, right?

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*grins @ Cairos* I promise I'll need lots of attention for option #4. I was not an angelic newbie... *smirks*

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