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Approved WT bio for Ameline - CC'd by FL


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Username: Ameline Fordasha

Handle at DM/WT: meauxwalk

Email: meauxwalk@yahoo.com

Physical Description: Ameline stands 5\'9\" and is slim with gentle curves that tend to bother her as she has a tendency to be tomboyish. She has high cheek bones, almond shaped eyes and is slightly lighter complexioned than usual for Saldeans. She keeps her straight auburn brown hair short, between her chin and shoulders. Below her right eye is a tiny birth mark that her mother always said was where the creator kissed her upon her birth.

Place of birth: Plain of Lances, Saldea

Age: 15

Character History: Ameline Fordasha was born on the border of Saldea and Kandor on the Plain of Lances. Her father, Alan resides on the village council and is a well respected carpenter. Her mother, Ann, takes it in turns with some of the other women in the village to educate the children on their letters and writing, geography and history of their people.




Growing up, Ameline was a contented and fairly happy girl who particularly enjoyed helping her father in his woodshop. She rather resented her brother as he was allowed to help their father instead of doing housework. Ameline was often annoyed that she was stuck being a girl, as girls, in her opinion, never got to have any fun.




Smart and witty, Ameline had read every book in the village (a grand total of 20) and prided herself on her intelligence: at times, overly so. Often this pride got her into trouble with the adults in the village. On one occasion, she outright and somewhat haughtily told the Village Elder that he was wrong when he quoted one of the histories concerning how justice should be carried out when there had been a theft. The Elder took Ameline to her father and she was switched for her impertinence.




When she was 14, Ameline was given permission to accomplany her father tinot Chachin to sell some of his work and to get needed supplies for his woodshop. The only reason she had been allowed to go was because she had sworn to keep her pride in check and obey her father in all things.




While in the city, Ameline and her father stayed at a comfortable inn at which an Aes Sedai and her warder also happened to be lodging. Ameline had read multiple times \"The Annals and Histories of the White Tower\" written by a Saldean who had visitied Tar Valon generations ago. Many of the pages were missing-and some of what was still intact seemed somewhat ridiculous-but Ameline nevertheless regarded herself the formost authority on Aes Sedai in her village. Therfore, much to, and regardless of, her father\'s disapproval, she decided to introduce herself and ask a few questions.




The Aes SEdai was very much annoyed at being interrupted by Ameline, particularly when she asked if it was true that any woman could become Aes Sedai simply by sleeping in the White Tower for 7 days and 7 nights. In resopnse the Aes Sedai took out an opelescent necklace and told Ameline to concentrate on the jewel. Ameline did for about 30 seconds when it began to shimmer and the colors in the gem began to glow.




\"As I thought\" said the Aes Sedai ominously. \"You have the potential to channel. You will come with me when I leave and learn how one truly becomes Aes Sedai.\"




Two days past and Ameline readied for the long journey to Tar Valon. ALready she was sorry for having ever interrupted the Aes Sedai, for her life, up until now rather carefree, had become drastically serious. She had the feeling that things would only become more so upon their arrival.

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