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Home Sweet Tower (oc: Need a Novice & Serena)

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Mule moved at a slow pace down the cobblestone streets leading towards the bridge into the city.  She’d renamed the gray mare ‘mule’ because the blasted thing was more stubborn these days than she ever dreamed of being.  Still she was a sturdy mount and had been with her for more years than a horse had a right to live.  The horse was tired, she could see that, and so she patted the beast gently and whispered, “Almost home now girl.  Just a little further and we’ll both get that rest I’ve been promising you for the last few months.”


Reaching downward, Miya Kiyoshi scratched beneath her blue socks and smiled at the dimming light of day.  It was like coming full circle… left at dawn the first time she came here and came back in the evening. 


The jarring walk of Mule seemed to pound on her whole skeleton as she pulled herself up straight into her saddle.  Looking up the path and onto the bridge she could make out the pure white tabards of the Tower Guard and, if she had been younger, she might actually have teared up; not just because of how beautiful it all was but because it seemed as though she and Mule had come to the end of all their wondrous adventures the ones she spent the first part of her life dreaming about undertaking.  Perhaps, she considered, she would never again leave the Tower on such a journey.  Closing her eyes tight she tried not to think of that… Fool thing to think, I will make it to the blight & stand for the end!  Even if they have to prop up my bloody corpse against a tree and tie a sword into my hand… I will be there!


Maybe it was fair, in the way of things, that she first rode out of Tar Valon when she should have been at the end of a human lifetime and now… she returned nearing the end of an Aes Sedai’s.  Beginnings and endings… am I here just for the end or could this really be the start of something else?  How old was the oldest sister when she passed?  How many more years might I have left?  Need to ask a Brown.  Light but my hip burns…


Over the years she’d helped countless people, hundreds of villages, advised lords and ladies, lost three warders to age and even to the Aiel War; what hadn’t she given to the world?  What more would she give if only the Creator gave her more time to do it?  It was galling to have such a able mind but a slowly dying body.  It seemed wrong that energy and spryness were wasted on the young and foolish when the aged and wise must waste away. 


A guard saluted to her as she passed and loudly announced, “Aes Sedai” as she passed.  She nodded to the young man and watched as he beamed.  Clearly he was newer to his title than her socks were to her feet.  Bah, was she the only bloody thing aging?  Looking down at her ever loyal horse she smiled gently, “Well, I suppose I’m not the only one eh, girl?”  Mule wickered as if she were answering the question with a sarcastic reply.  Miya chuckled and again patted her neck.


Most recently she’d been in Mayene.  What possessed her to go there she couldn’t really say, perhaps it was the food… or just a wander lust that told her to keep going in a direction and once she got there she simply couldn’t go any further.  Whatever the reason, she was glad she had gone the whole way rather than stopping at the river and sailing northward as she’d debated on doing.  No matter how things worked out here in the tower now, she’d been out and see the ocean and the spine of the world and everything between. 


“Aes Sedai.”  one guard said and then another.  Miya had barely noticed her horse passing through the city and coming up to the gates but certainly, riding into the shadow of the tower itself, there was no missing that!  Icy calm she rode directly to the stables and let a boy there take Mule but not before she instructed him to rub the horse down for an extra lengthy amount of time and feed her a nice red apple if one could be found in this blasted weather.


Marching her way into the Tower, gnarled oak staff and travel bags in hand, she paused only a moment to admire the entryway before heading straight down for the Blue Ajah quarters.  As she walked she remembered fondly touring the hallway naked as a jaybird and how embarrassed she’d been.  She could also remember when she had been given her staff.  At the time she resented how twisted the old thing was … not pretty in the least or tall and impressive like other sisters had; instead her short staff was more like a cane and she imagined that someone who appeared much like she did now, once first crafted it.


“You there, girl!”  A nearby novice bobbed a curtsey as quickly as she could, clearly started from her daydreaming.  Oh but that feels good…  “Obviously if you have time to gawk at the hallways you have time to run some errands for me.  I need an ice cold glass of milk and something to eat brought to this room straight away, then you’ll see water fetched for my bath.  Hurry along girl, I’m not getting any younger.”  Miya shook her head and turned to her door before the novice had even finished her curtsey. 

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It was dusk, and Serey should have been making her way back to the novice quarters and getting ready for bed.  But, she wasn't sleepy.  Her last class of the day had left her with too much to think about.  So, rather than heading directly back to her room, she had decided to take the scenic route and wander.  That she had ended up in the Ajah quarters...  Well, a lucky coincidence...  Serey couldn't help but smile as she shook her head.  She hated puzzles, and the Ajahs were most definitely a puzzle.


In class, an accepted had lectured about the different Ajahs and what the mission of each Ajah was.  Then, the accepted had stated that, as new novices, everything she had just said mattered little.  After all, it would be years yet till they became accepted, and years after that till they would have to choose an Ajah.


What Serey couldn't understand was if she wasn't expected to think about which Ajah she would like to join- why was it important to know about the different Ajahs?  It had to be important if it was part of the standard curriculum for a novice.  Did the differences between the Ajahs go beyond what each stood for?


Serey sighed.  She couldn't help but feel like she had missed something, something important.  But...  What could it possibly be?  Watching Aes Sedai of various Ajahs hadn't been much help.  Each Ajah seemed to be an eclectic mix of heights, weights, nationalities...


“You there, girl!” A voice boomed.


Serey nearly jumped out of her shoes, just managing to hid her shock with a curtsy.  At least she hoped she covered it with a curtsy.


“Obviously if you have time to gawk at the hallways you have time to run some errands for me.  I need an ice cold glass of milk and something to eat brought to this room straight away, then you’ll see water fetched for my bath.  Hurry along girl, I’m not getting any younger.”


Serey dropped another curtsey.  “Yes, Aes Sedai,” she said, but when she looked up, the Sedai had already entered her room.  Spinning on her heals, Serey ran to the kitchens.


“Excuse me,” Serey said, somewhat breathless as she stumbled into the kitchen.  “I am in need of some ice cold milk--”


“And I'm in need of a good man,” one of the kitchen servants said, the others around her snickering.


“Best be leaving, girl,” the servant said.  “Cook won't be happy to find a novice ordering us about.”


“But...”  Serey wet her lips.  “I'm sorry, but...”


“Best be leaving,” the servant repeated.  “Besides, it's dark- not exactly the time of day for getting milk.  Come back in the morning.”


“But!”  Serey took a deep breath.  “Please, it's not for me.  An Aes Sedai sent for it.”


“Why didn't you say so?” the servant said, turning to give Serey her full attention.  “What's her name, I'll have it brought up straight away.”


“I...  She didn't give a name.  And!  She wants something to eat, and water for a bath.”


“What Ajah?”


Serey couldn't help but smile.  “Blue.”


“Of course!  Bloody blues.  Scurry in, scurry out.  That's them.  Never take the time to get their own servants.  To think, we don't have enough to do without doing someone else's job on top of it?”


Serey had managed to make it to the doorway before the servant called out.  “Where are you going?  If you don't know her name, you'll have to bring the food up to her.”


Nodding, Serey took a seat on a stool, trying to stay out of everyone's way.  


“Here,” the servant said, handing her a tray containing a pitcher of milk, bread, green beans, a roasted chicken, and silverware wrapped in a cloth napkin.


“Thank you.”  Serey bobbed a careful curtsy and headed back up the stairs to the Blue's quarters.


Resting the tray on her hip, she knocked on the Aes Sedai's door.


**Edit: found a typo and couldn't live without fixing it, pah!**

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The scent of a room that has been closed up for many long years, perhaps decades, will assault Serey's senses.  Looking around she can see a thick layer of dust on just about everything in eye sight; it's clear your nose didn't fail you, this woman has been gone a very long time indeed!


As for decor - maps covered in small colored pins line the walls, treasures from various places around the world are stacked in corners like someone stopped by just to set them down in storage and leave again.  The furniture, while well crafted, is all very simplistic and without adornments... made for function as opposed to fashion. 


"There's a small table there to your left child, place the tray on that if you would."  The old woman's voice comes from behind a changing screen near the back of the room by a large four poster bed made of dark wood.  You hear sniffing and a very un-Sedai like growl of a tummy.  "Chicken... good."


The table is cluttered with books and scrolls which Serey is forced to find a place for.  The books are on a variety of topics such as laws and traditions of various countries as well as political climates of different regions of the world since before the Aiel War.


As you set the books and scrolls aside, Serey will get a better look at the gnarled wooden staff that the older sister was walking in with, sitting against the wall.  The wood is a very dark color and all up and down the walking stick there is some kind of writing etched into it though, it’s not likely something that Serey’s ever seen before.


The plump elderly Aes Sedai appears from behind her screen dressed in a simple but well made blue dress.  Her thinning gray hair remains in a mass of braids dangling from her head, each tipped in copper bells that tinkle when she moves about. 


It would seem, as the old lady goes to her desk, that perhaps she’s forgotten there is another person in the room.  The Aes Sedai picks up a quill, some parchment and begins to write a note by the dim guttering light of a candle that is nearly burnt down to the plate it’s sitting on.  Then, as if the woman was reading her thoughts she speaks without looking up, “You may hold off on that bath water, knowing the wagging tongues in this tower I’ll have offended someone if I don’t get this taken care of first.” 


Rolling the note up she seals it with a blue wax seal and embraces saidar in order to use a weave of air to cool it quickly.  Note in hand she walks briskly over to Serey and then pauses, narrows her eyes and reaches a hand out to brush aside her bangs.  “Hmmm.”  She says and then let’s Serey’s bangs fall over the “T” without another mention of it.


“Four doors down on the right, knock politely and wait until a count of 100.  If there is no reply after that… bring the note back to me.  If there is a reply, give the letter to the Sister who lives in that room.  My name should be known but, just in case it’s not you may tell her that Miya Kiyoshi Sedai sends the message.”  The old woman then goes over and sits down in front of her chicken and begins to eat, expecting full well to be obeyed just as she was before.


(( oc:  I figure Miya isn’t sure who the ajah head is at the moment so she didn’t give a name… but she knows what quarters are given to the highest in rank so… hence why you were sent to a room not a person.  The Sedai in charge is Serena and she should be joining us soon.  Feel free to post your reactions to what I put here and wandering down to her room to give her the note.  BTW, awesome mad writing skills! I loved your post!  ))

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Note in hand, Serey curtsied, walked out of the room, and shut the door quietly behind her.  Then she spun around to rest her burning forehead against the cool wooden door.  She gasped in a ragged breath, squeezed her eyes shut, and let the breath out slowly.  A week.  She had been in the tower one whole week and no one had said anything about it, no one had looked at it, no one had done anything to suggest they had seen the branded “T” on her forehead or understood its meaning if they did.


So silly of her to expected that to last forever.  True, she was a novice now, and novices were expected to forget about their former lives, to start anew.  But it was stupid of her to think everyone in the Tower would give her that chance.


Serey wondered if the Aes Sedai was even now checking over her dusty belongings to make sure the thief hadn't pocketed something when she wasn't looking.


Serey had lived with the mark for years, long since becoming use to the way people were cautious around her, the way they followed her with their eyes, or demanded payments upfront, or wouldn't let her into their homes.  Plenty of time to not let such treatment bother her, to not feel guilty and ashamed and dirty.


But she did.


And, it stung to be caught off guard, but as Serey took in another breath she promised herself it wouldn't happen again.  The brand was there.  People would notice it and judge her by it.  And from now on, she would be ready for it.


A semblance of calm restored, Serey stepped away from the door and opened her eyes.  Her gaze fell on the note and her stomach dropped to the floor.  “Light!”  She moaned and forced her hand to relax its death grip on the parchment.  Inspecting the note, she let out another long sigh.  It was clear by looking at it that the note had been mishandled, but the seal, at least, was fully intact.


As she walked down the hallway, Serey quickly adjusted her bangs to make sure they hide the brand.  Then, knocking on the fourth door on the right, she counted to 100, slowly.

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Chewing on the inside of her lower lip, Serena went down a list of names for a second time. Each name had either a star or a check mark placed next to it. Tilting her head to the side, the Aes Sedai regarded a name freshly scrawled before her. Neither a star, nor a check mark had been made. Pursing her lips in contemplative thought, she reached for her ornately carved pipe and packed it full of tabac. Thoughtfully, she tamped the bowl of the pipe with her thumb, then went to light it with a thin strand of Fire.


"Minerva Miagoma..." The raven-haired Aes Sedai said between soft pulls from her pipe. Smoke curled and whisped through the air like silvery fingers, as she spoke the woman's name. The list before her was a group of names of only a small piece of the Blue Ajah's Eyes and Ears. This particular woman, none of the Sisters of the Blue had heard neither hide nor hair of, and when an informant disappeared, it was often cause for worry. Leaning back in her chair, she propped a black leather boot up onto her desk, and ran her free hand up the laces to her knee. Swiftly, she slipped her small ivory hand into her boot and drew out one of the five knives she had hidden on her.


Often, while the Aes Sedai was distracted with her thoughts, she would twirl her blades between her fingers; and the small sapphire on the tip of each hilt would glitter passed her emerald green eyes. Letting a small smirk approach her lips, an amused laugh escaped. Here she was, appearing completely at ease, with her feet propped up on a desk that had been used by hundreds of women whom the Ajah had voted into a position of esteemed rank and respect, twirling blades and smoking a pipe. "Yes, highly respected, I'm sure." The only other Head of the Ajah that she was anything similar to, would have been Espara A'Dautry, and Light did she miss that woman. "Well, if 'Para could do it..." She nodded and took in another breath of smoke.


Seemingly out of nowhere came a knock on her door. It did not sound like the urgent knock of a servant, or the determined and authoritative sound of a Sister's knock. "Hmm.." Serena mused and dropped her feet softly back onto the floor. Gently and carefully, she placed her delicate pipe onto her desk and briefly channelled Air to drop a small stone inside of it to smother any fire that might be left.


Tossing a small hand into the air she disengaged her Alarm Wards, and went to the door. What an odd manner of knocking... Her curiosity and been spiked and she planned to open the door herself, instead of channeling.


A fair skinned girl with her face splashed in freckles stood staring right back at her. Luckily, the Saldaean Blue had worn her heeled boots, so she at least came face to face with the novice. Although, it had been years since anyone had used her height as a deficiency. Tilting her head to the side, Serena's emerald eyes regarded the girl and noticed she was carrying a sealed envelope.


Arching a dark eyebrow at the brown eyes before her, she said, "Hello, Child. Is there something I can help you with?"



Serena Morrigan

Aes Sedai

Head of the Blues



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Serey dropped into a deep curtsy, relief making it hard not to grin like a fool.  Perhaps, since the woman had answered her door, Serey could slip away.  The Aes Sedai hadn't said she had to come back if she delivered the letter, only if no one answered the door. 


Let some other novice or servant draw a bath for Miya Sedai, she thought.  The woman didn't know her name, after all, and if she simply described her to the Mistress of Novices instead-  Well, Serey was willing to take a beating if it meant not having to return to Miya Sedai's room. 


"A letter for you," Serey said, holding it out, "From Miya Kiyoshi Sedai." 


Serey silently willed the Aes Sedai to take the note, without comment, and dismiss her.  It was past time for her to be readying for bed, after all.  And, she really did not want to face the humiliation of having her pockets searched if Miya Sedai determined something was out of place in her quarters.

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Miya Kiyoshi... Now there was a name that hadn't been spoken around the Blue Quarters much in quite some time. Serena took the envelope and broke the seal. Both eyebrows arched upwards as she read the contents of the letter. Light, the woman's returned! It wasn't uncommon for Sisters to leave the Tower and not return for years; but this particular one had been gone almost as long as Serena had been in the White Tower, or longer.


Serena hardly knew the woman, other than the fact that she had been out of the Tower for ages. Miya Kiyoshi was by no means a young Sister, and would most likely be quite suprised to see the Ajah being lead by one such as herself. The "rogue" Ajah Head. Furrowing her brow, she resolved that she would not defer to the woman just because she was much younger and slightly different. No, Serena was the First Selector, and she would hold her position with dignity.


Glancing over at the novice, Serena could tell that the girl was exhausted, and rightly so. The life of a novice was not easy; however, she wasn't sure which room was Miya's and would have to be led there.


"Child, what is your name? I am Serena Sedai." Her voice was low and smooth like velvet. Once the novice spoke her name, Serena nodded. "Well, Serey, you must be tired from your lessons and chores; however, I will need you to guide me to Miya Sedai's rooms, then you can go unless she has something else for you to do." It wasn't common for the Ajah Head to be summoned to someone elses rooms, but Serena felt she would go to the returning Sister, instead of the other way around. Plus, the novice was tired, and to send her traipsing around the Blue Ajah halls would be ridiculous.


The two of them headed down the hall; one of them gliding silently in her long blue coat and breeches, and the other just keeping pace in her white novice dress. The walk to Miya's rooms was a short one, and Serena was suprised that she had not known or remembered whom it was that belonged behind this particular door. Mentally, she made a note to no make that mistake again.


With Serey standing beside her, Serena raised her hand to knock, and did so loudly and determinedly. A part of her wanted to press the palms of her hands onto her coat to smooth out the invisible wrinkles. Light, woman! She's just another Sister, and you are the Head of the bloody Ajah. Act it!


The Saldaean Blue lifted her chin, and set her eyes straight before her. She was not sure how tall the other woman would be, and she needed all the leverage she could get at her height.




Serena Sedai

Blue Ajah Head

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Miya finished her chicken just in time to hear the assertive knock, clearly the First Selector had decided to come by tonight and personally.  She had assumed the woman would summon her, perhaps after a day or so, but a visit tonight meant one of two things… A) she was needed for something important - not likely they needed her over any other sister at this particular hour, but possible.  B) The First Selector was young or in need of support among her peers and would be looking for Miya’s stamp of approval as a sister of age and no small amount of strength in the power.  Very well child, let’s get a look at you.  Not the first woman younger than myself that I’ve heeded the word of… let’s just hope that my fellow sisters did not choose a slack jawed fool as our leader.


She decided shouting that the door was open would seem… impolite and so she braced herself on the arms of her chair and rose as smoothly as her old bones would let her.  Noises came from her joints and warm flashes of pain too.  Gritting her teeth beneath her closed lips, she refused to look strained when she reached the door to open it.


“Good Evening Sister.”  She greeted her fellow blue as she opened the door.  Just to the left and slightly behind what must be the First Selector was the young Amadician girl.  How had the girl taken the discovery of her secret?  What made this one tick?  What she guilty or had justice never been served in her case.  “Please,”  She said looking back to the First Selector, “Come inside and have a seat, don’t mind the mess, I’m just settling back in.” 


As Serena passed she looked to the child again.  “It’s late.  You need rest to make it through the day tomorrow, however, I’ll need help in the library tomorrow.  I suppose you’ll do as well as any other girl in white to help.  Straight here after you break fast unless you have a class, of course, then come after your classes are done… understood?”  She waited for the girl to give her statement of understanding and then dismissed her as though she were no more important than any of the other hundred or so servants working in the White Tower.


Closing the door on the girl, Miya turned back to the First Selector.  “I hadn’t expected you to stop by so soon.  I would have had my reports prepared for you by tomorrow afternoon - I do hope that everything has been well here in my absence?”  She expected the answer would be not entirely positive, what with all the madness in the world today but surely it couldn’t be that bad here at the Tower… right?

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Serena’s eyes quickly passed over the elder Aes Sedai as the woman greeted the two of them at the door. The full gray bun knotted neatly on her head was a definitive symbol of Miya’s age. Sister’s had to be up in many years to have their whole head of hair go gray or white. It was odd to see such a sign of age with an ageless face set up against it: No lines, no darker spots that came with the years, just smooth everlasting skin.


Nodding, Serena let Miya dismiss the novice as she had been the one to summon the girl. Tilting her head to the side, the Saldaean Sister watched the scene before her and wondered if she had missed something completely. Had the novice been so jumpy before entering Miya Sedai’s rooms? And why would her Sister be so interested in the young girl? Pressing her lips together in thought, Serena resolved to make a note of the behavior displayed before her and look into it later.


“I hadn’t expected you to stop by so soon.  I would have had my reports prepared for you by tomorrow afternoon - I do hope that everything has been well here in my absence?”


Absence? It could almost have been a hiatus for all Serena knew. A sardonic smirk touched Serena’s lips as she took a seat near the hearth. “Well, Sister, that depends on what you mean by ‘well’?” Leaning back in the large chair, the diminutive Aes Sedai crossed her legs, feigning ease and comfort. She gestured for Miya Kiyoshi to take a seat of her own. Yes, she knew she had come too soon, and she should have followed the light-forsaken protocol; but the thing was, she liked to keep them guessing. When would she follow tradition, and when would she seemingly throw protocol to the wind?


Emerald eyes shone with the flame from the fire dancing in her irises as she regarded the woman before her. Through her agelessness, the woman appeared weary from travel, and rightly so. Who really knew how long she’d been on the road?


Serena’s eyes drifted out towards the window, and she watched the clouds as they drifted through the sky. Pressing her index finger to her lips in thought, she asked, “How long has it been since you have been here within the Tower walls, Sister? I assure you, much has changed. I honour your work traveling from place to place, nation to nation; and I, too, am a traveler. It must be something born within a Blue.” She mused. The only Blue she had known not to spend a considerable amount of time outside of the Tower was Keraselle Morveine. She had her reasons, Serena supposed.


“However, it leaves me to wonder, what do you know of what is going on inside of the White Tower?” Serena turned towards Miya, her eyes piercing, yet not threatening. Before she spilled everything onto the table, she needed to know how much her Sister already knew, and to pick and choose between what she actually needed to know. Perhaps everything…


Serena Morrigan

Blue Ajah Head



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Younger than I'd have hoped... bolder than most would be.  Not always a good mix but she had the moxy to rise this far so perhaps she's not without merit.  Must not judge too quickly.  "Know?  Light I know know as much about what's going on here as you probably know about what's happening in that fishing village I spent a month in a while back."  She shakes her head.


"I keep my eyes and ears out in the world, not inside the Tower.  I trust my sisters to handle our affairs here." Miya hesitated and reassesed the situation Just how bad have things gotten that you're scared to tell me?.  "So, things aren't going well for us... I've seen sketches of the boy and his banner,"  she shakes her head.  "Even heard he has himself an army."


She paused, letting the girl wonder just what her opinion of a male channeler having an army was and then attempted to take the girl's mind in another direction, "I have to say I'm surprise to hear that Mother was raised from the Red though... but then again, perhaps I don't know everything there is to know about the situation."


She wondered if the First Selector would consider the resource she had in the sister sitting across from her.  Granted she wasn't the sister she was 50 years ago, but then again, perhaps that was what could make her of greatest use.  "Whatever has occured I'm prepared to help in whatever way I can, I have no intention of leaving the tower again for some time to come... perhaps not until the boy calls us to fight in Tarmon Gaidon, but the wheel weaves as the wheel wills... who can say anything for certain these days?"

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"An army, Sister? Is that all you've heard?" Light, had the woman not heard the rumours in the cities she has passed through on her journey towards the Tower? "Well, you could call it merely an army if one lived in the Age of Legends; and even then..." Serena trailed off with her thoughts. No, not even in the Age of Legends were men bred to channel the One Power as a weapon, they had been much the same as the Aes Sedai were now.


Shaking her head, she placed both her feet firmly on the floor and sat up, leaning in towards the elder Aes Sedai. "I understand that you keep your network where you do, and that you feel the need to travel, but also know that much has happened since you have been gone."


Moving forward, as if to sit on the edge of her seat, Serena felt as if she almost might whisper the news for fear of any affect it might have on Miya. "This army he has is full of what he calls, Asha'man. They channel saidin, and use it as a weapon." She paused, and wondered if she might summon a novice for some tea, but cleared her throat and continued. "Awhile ago, while Sirayn Simeone was the Amyrlin Seat, several of us were sent out to their base." Her lips curled in a sardonic smile. "The Black Tower.


"And, Sister, they captured and bonded us. Not that I am suprised after the events of Dumai's Well." Serena shook her head in exasperation. Light! That had been a bloody mistake. Furrowing her eyebrows momentarily, Serena tilted her head to the side in question, "You do know of that disaster of a plan?"


How long had the woman been gone?



Serena Morrigan

Blue Ajah Head



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The child must have thought her deaf and dumb as well as old not to know of the Ashaman.  Of course she knew of them but what use was there in getting overly dramatic about the whole affair.  The Dragon was set to put the world in ruins before the last battle was done, had she really expected less?


Still, the horrible news that sisters had been forced into subservance to male channelers was something that did ruffle her feathers a bit.  Even worse that the Ajah's First Selector had been so compromised.


"Light..."  She breathed the word, horrified at the idea.  "Please tell me you've been released from this abomination."

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