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Lessons Get Interesting With Guests {OTA Dreamwalkers}

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OOC: Posting this here instead of the Stedding so anyone can join.


IC:  Burrich settled himself in front of a fire in a small clearing by the lake outside the Stedding.  Storm Hunter sat beside him but his mind was obviously elsewhere.  Not that Burrich blamed him.  Don't worry brother, Snow will be fine, she-wolves have puppies all the time and there is very little risk for her.  Especially here, surrounded by so many of the kin.  One night away from her won't matter.  It might even be good, I think she's getting tired of us both doting on her.

  Storm laid his head on Burrich's lap and whined.  Yes, well, perhaps you're right at that Little Brother, but I don't have to be happy about it.  Why are we out here again anyway?

  You know good and well why we're out here Storm.  I'm here to train Arienna to survive in the Wolf Dream.  And you're here to help.  And to stay out of Snow's way for a night.

  Burrich felt a low growl from deep in Storm's throat and then the large wolf hunkered down to wait.  Catching sight of the moon overhead, he judged it to be almost midnight.  Nearly time for the young woman to arrive for her lesson.

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Arienna walked to the clearing she was supposed to be, her face as clear of emotions as it had been the day she arrived. The physical training had added a little more muscle to her frame, though her clothing concealed it nicely. In terms of her progress as a Wolfkin however she was pretty much where she had left off; she still kept the wolves firmly shut out of her mind, as well as anybody else for that matter.


And so, the time had come for something Burrich had called 'Dream walking'. She was still a little in the dark about what the large man had meant by that, but decided she should give him the benefit of the doubt. With a little imagination it might be called trust, though it was based mostly on him respecting her wish never to be talked to telepathically. She had punched the last person to have done so in the nose, though to her defense she had warned him beforehand.




Can hear you speak just fine

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Burrich knew Ariennass was still wary near wolves, so Storm's presence tonight might not be appreciated,  but she'd just have to get used to that.  They were a part of her life now and turning away from them would only make it harder on her.  A brilliant blanket of stars spread out across the sky.  Mountain, satisfied that it was late enough, began the lesson.


"As you or may may or not heard by now, we have the ability to touch the world of dreams.  This gift allows us to communicate with our kind across great distances and gather information we could not otherwise learn."  Burrich watched the woman across the fire as she listened with wary curiosity to the lesson.


"There is a danger to this however, and until you are fully trained you should not attempt to enter the dream unless accompanied by a Sage or another wolfkin trained in the dream.  If you are injured or killed in the world of dreams your sleeping form shall share the same fate."


Mountain knew Arienna was already scared enough as it was but he did not lesson the danger.  It was important that she learn a healthy fear of the dangers inherent in the dream.  "There are many dangers in the dream and we will touch these through your training.  Please, do not worry.  Storm and I will guard you."


Pulling out some herbs from his pouch Mountain tossed them in the fire, causing the flames to spark.  The herbs let out a sweet aroma as they burned and Mountain explained what he'd done, "With enough training you will be able to put yourself to sleep and enter the Wolf Dream at will, but until then these herbs should help speed things along so we don't have to wait for your body to find sleep on its own.  I want you to close your eyes and relax your mind.  Focus on this very spot where we are now.  It will be difficult at first, but soon you will enter the world of dreams right here.  I will be waiting for you."


Closing his eyes Mountain quickly found himself in Tel'aran'rhiod.  The camp looked the same as in the waking world, thuogh sometimes the fire was there and sometimes it was not.  More permanent structures like houses would be there more substantially and lesser things like a fire would merely flicker.  Mountain waited for his student to arrive.  Changing his clothes from the soft greens of the rangers, he garbed himself in black leather boots and pants and a blue leather vest, his weapons appearing on his back as an afterthought.  These were the same clothes he always wore in Tel'aran'rhiod, and the ones he'd wear in the real world if he ever needed to attempt to blend in among other people.  After quite some time Arienna finally appeared and looked pleased.  Mountain schooled his features and strained not to laugh.  "Forgive me, but look at your clothes Arienna."


OOC:  Ok rp getting into Tel'aran'rhoid and your thoughts/reactions.  I will let you decide how you are attired.  If you like you can rp Burrich teaching you how to correct your clothes, otherwise I can make that the first part of my next post.

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As Burrich explained to her what he wanted her to do, she simply raised an eyebrow at him.


- "You want me to... smell herbs that make me fall asleep? Doesn't that sound a little odd to you?"


While she had come to know Burrich over the past couple of months of training, controlling dreams sounded a bit far-fetched, though she did concede the point that she'd seen far stranger things so far. Talking to wolves for example, though she was still blocking them out. Taking a deep breath, she cast a wary glance at the large man that spoke of trouble if she woke up to find even a single hair out of place, she spread her cloak out to get a little more comfortable. The last thing she wanted was to fall into the fire in her sleep.


It was... strange when she opened her eyes again. Or at least thought she was opening them. The world looked like the kind of place that it would have in a dream, during that brief moment at night where one was aware that they were dreaming, but not quite ready to wake up yet. She looked at the sky, the trees, taking in all the small details that made it look like it was the real thing, were it not for the way things seemed to shift when she wasn't looking at them.


Remembering the reason she had actually come here, she ran towards the light of teh fire, arriving at the campsite a little earlier than she had anticipated. Perhaps distances were different here? Burrich stood there, dressed in what she guessed was his travel gear. His face looked suspiciously amused about something, and she wondered what it was.


"Forgive me, but look at your clothes Arienna."


- "What do you mean, my..."


As she spoke, she looked down, noticing that where her clothes used to be were now twigs and leaves, making her look more like a forest spirit than a human being. The first thing crossing her mind was disbelief, after which Tel'aran'rhiod followed suit and made the outfit disappear. Fast as lightning, she covered her now naked body with both arms, blushing furiously and sending a murderous glare at Burrich who, if she had more control of the dream world, would have to fight hard not to spontaneously combust.




Burrich's lucky she has her arms full

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