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rigth now


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02.35 just finished a meal and counting the hours till this shift is done as that means only 3 more shifts untill i am done in my summerjob and can start thinking on packing and driving south to my new school...yey :D

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just came home to find out our wagabond cat just had kittens... I use plural though it might be singular, cus I only managed to take a peak at one, they're smaller then mice and she's hiding them/it with her body, so...

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Starlog 10:02 update on the Kitten situation.


The cat had one kitten as I examined the situation yesterday, but it seems that this... alien creature... kept on producing after I went to sleep. There are now, it is quite amazing, 4 kittens in the litter! all of them are doing fine and will be eaten for lu... erm, I mean *shifty eyes*... the kittens are doing fine, they're constantly on their mothers tits svcking the life out of her. I have never seen kittens in this small a stage, they look like little rodents, hopefully as time goes by, they will start looking like little kitties are supposed to and will be able to find a new owner after we put the add in the paper, because we're not keeping more then one since, well, since we do not have an animal farm here :P


I'll keep the cuttest one though *g*, a female one, cus the guys never stay home, they just go vagabond... guys are weird O_O

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Hm.... 1:46 PM. Talking to way too many people on AIM, trying to post as much as I can on boards, while knowing I must go to the optomitrist.



btw, awe....young kittens, I have a friend who keeps like six....not a pleasant smell, it do be a good idea to find them a good owner.

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3:13 PM.


Listening to Imagine by A Perfect Circle while semi-talking to my girlfriend. At the same time, generally pondering a dilemna with aforementioned girlfriend. Thinking, also, about learning to play the guitar. Waiting for my brother and his girlfriend to get the hell out of his room so I can get my freaking GC controller.


Dreaming of beating Red Scarlet's 100% :55 minute run for Super Metroid.


Feeling a general sense of annoyance at my brother because he constantly over-inflates how much time I spend on my message boards. The majority of time I'm in my room I'm doing stuff other than posting. Like reading or downloading something or hunting down news about something in the game industry.


Also pondering and pining for a job. I have a serious cash flow problem.


3:16 PM, over and out.

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