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Oh yay! Thanks people! :)


Much love and thanks goes to Phaedra and Kristen, my lovely lovely awe inspiring Grays.:P Also, I want to thank Rossa and Taei for helping me with my Raising requirements. *tickles Claire* Vera'll sketch her yet, I promise. ;)I would like to mention Audrey, David and Deanna cause even if they aren't reading this- you all made a tremendous impact on Vera and Mrija both. :D Thankyou Gillie/Nate, for one of the best roleplays I've ever done- hopefully, there are many many more to come. 8) Many "I love yous" go to all the wonderful people in chat, that too for the Minion Heathen Lover specially. ;) Thankyou thankyou thankyou Halvie and Wyndy and Moa and Ellinielle- you're awesome. :)


Lastly and I know you've been wondering where you are- Thank you Nyssa!!!! Thankyou for all the awesome rps, the ideas, the over influencing and bucketloads of help. :) Its been duly appreciated. ;)


Now that I've officially acted like I won an Oscar, I'm out. ;)

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