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Guest Estel

lol...of course! there are plenty of guys who make Novices. In fact, our Division Leader is a guy [points to Rob]!


A lot of people here write cross-gender. I'm a girl and I have two female chars and three male chars.

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Absolutely :)


hop on over to www.gaidin.org/boards , and you'll find a lot of answers there. That's where the warder people all hang out.


First thing you need to do is write a biography for your character, and send it over to warders.bios@gmail.com . The guidelines to writing a bio can be found here: http://www.gaidin.org/bio.php


After your bio is approved by our bio checker (Devon), our Mistress of Training (me) will assign a mentor to you. Your mentor will guide you through your trainee years, and help you become a successful warder or Tower Guard, whichever you prefer ;)

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