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Wheel of Time meets LOLcats

Theoryland Hopper

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Just a quick one lol   :D


Well that one pretty much writes itself, huh? :D


It amuses me because you know that cat has the exact same look that every Aes Sedai in the series has ever had when being shielded. Half annoyed, half "how DARE you do this to someone as great as I am!"

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OK, so I don't think I can embed a youtube video, so I'll just link to it.


Like I said, too much time on my hands...




I missed the video the first time around.  I'm SO glad I went back and watched it.


Haha.  Brilliant.  :)

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I finally watched the video. LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!! "At least he had backup dancers.... who werent mad!" "I lost a paw because of you!"

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The last picture i found with the caption "dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" on it. i lol'ed so hard

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forgive me if I bump this thread, but there were some added in the last month that were quite funny. Maybe now that it's permanent again people can repost or make new ones?

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em, howd that happen as thumbnails ? : :dry:


also just watched the rand vs lews therin vid and cried with laughter...so damn funny!

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Right, think I have the hang of it now. Crit, plz!


ETA: Sorry, didn't realise I was adding them as thumbnails!

post-10309-082619500 1286148575_thumb.jpg

post-10309-042389000 1286148583_thumb.jpg

post-10309-007826600 1286148594_thumb.jpg

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I know there were some that got eaten by 7.0 disappearing, but I like these new ones too :biggrin:


I'll try one

post-10747-091219100 1286150434_thumb.jpeg

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