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Wheel of Time meets LOLcats

Theoryland Hopper

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Thanks ed2funy! I added 2 more since you commented. Hope you enjoy the new ones. :)




P.S. These are surprisingly hard to do...Either you have a GREAT idea or a GREAT picture. Usually, not both. :P

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omg..those are great...


I like the Nyn one...the braid is funny.


I made that simple one..so, yeah...it must be hard going through the pictures and making them.

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Meh, I don't know if this one has been done. And, I just really love this scene in the book!!!




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These are hilarious keep them coming!!  I love the healing one it's the perfect position and the darkhound is funny too. 

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OK, so I don't think I can embed a youtube video, so I'll just link to it.


Like I said, too much time on my hands...





:D Ahahahahaha!


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Is this one supposed to be in Faile's perspective?



I suppose... if you think that Berelain is going about it the right way, then sure... it could be from Faile's POV... sure.

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