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Wheel of Time meets LOLcats

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Maybe this is a stupid question, and I miss something obvious, but what is WoT-related of this picture?


If you're asking about Hoppers apologetic mouse, think back to Nyn and Elayne's encounter with the Macura woman and her forkroot tea - Thom and Juilin rescue them, and Juilin scares the bejesus out of Macura's assistant with vague talk of making men talk with figs and mice, and maybe salt, IIRC. Not for the life of me could I tell you which book it was in though.

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It is actually book 5 (Fires of Heaven); not book 4 (Shaddow Rising).


And actually Ronde Macura, not the assisant.

ropes to tie her, rags to gag until she was ready to talk, cooking oil & salt


The figs & mice Juilin mentioned later in the chapter.

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