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Wheel of Time meets LOLcats

Theoryland Hopper

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some of those were awesome.


my very first attempt at a LOLcat, and i just took someone else pic and changed the text



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:D  was surfing the lolz site adn saw that pic, instantly thought of that part of WoT series ehhehehe



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^ those are great.


i love the eladia one and the ishmeal one is right on :)



*grins*  this is one of the best threads on this board

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^ love the Olver one!!!  i'd totally forgotten about that part in the books  *snickers*



Haha, I love the Birgette one. It's so true. Never have I seen a woman with so much proficiency in LOLcats and WoT....where have you been all my life, Red? :D


lurking in the shadows and waiting for my time to shine :D

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