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Approved WT bio for Opal [Band Stamp]


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Username: Opal?

Handle at DM/WT: Opal, for both sites

Email: opalsocean@yahoo.com

Physical Description: Height 5\'2\", weight 130 plump and curvy, big dark green eyes, long waist length dark blond hair. A few faint scars on her hands from her work as a jeweler.



Place of birth: Ghealdan, Cosamelle

Age: 17

Character History: Opal, is the youngest of five sisters, no brothers. She is aprenitanced to her Father who is a fine jeweler. She loves her work, loves to work with gold and sliver wires, semiprecious and precious jewels. Her Mother runs the business, while her Father, Opal, and the other apprentices work in the work rooms. Opal’s sisters are all married and running their own shops in other towns.


She has had a happy home life, no traumas or torments, she’s only 17 after all.




Her family is happy and wealthy. She has never seen any hardship in her life, and always expects things to go the way she wants. She’s not spoiled, her mother would never allow that, but she is soft. The family has a few servants, so she has never had to wash floors or dishes or even her own clothes. She is confident in herself, she thinks she knows who and what she is and her own worth.




Opal’s Mother does have a small quirk, she desperately wants one of her daughters to train in the White Tower. She has sent all of her daughters at age 17 to Tar Valon, to The White Tower to be tested. None have had the talent, except Opal.




Opal is quite excited about her trip, in her family it’s sort of the right of passage for the girls. After returning from their journeys, they start their own businesses and get married. They also tell exciting tails about their trips and have gifts for everyone in the family. She has planed to spend time in Tar Valon, looking at jewelry shops, their designs and setting for gems. She is thinking of stopping in Caemlyn, and on the way back in Cairhien. She has been saving her money for a while to supplement the money her mother gave her for the trip, she has quite a sum of gold for the trip. Her next oldest sister was gone for three months, their mother thought that was a sure sign that she had passed the novice testing, but she had only been traveling and looking around. Opal thinks she will be gone about the same amount of time, maybe longer.




She is certain that she will not pass the test, after all none of her sisters has. Who ever heard of an Aes Sedia from Ghealdan anyway? They are all from the border lands or Andor aren’t they? Not Ghealdan at least. She doesn’t want to be Aes Sedia at all, she want’s to have her adventure and go on with her life. She knows nothing of the OP, or history or politics, and doesn’t really care. She know the things she thinks she’ll need in her life.




She is stubborn and a bit bossy, she is quick to learn once she applies herself. If she doesn’t want to do something she will dig in her heels. She’s also a bit nosey, wants to know everything about everyone. She thinks she’s right most of time, and she’ll tell you about it.

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