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Approved BT Bio for Aldon Highgale - CCd by WK

Arath Faringal

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DM handle: Kit


Contact info: virtualstranger[at]hotmail[dot]com


Character count: None


Character Name: Aldon Highgale


Nationality: Andoran


Age: 23


Physical Characteristics: Fair complexion, fine blond hair, blue eyes, average height and lean build


Physical Description:

Considered dispassionately, Aldon Highgale is a very good-looking young man. What's more, he takes extraordinary care with his appearance. No matter what the circumstances or hour of day or night, a hair never seems to be out of place on his face and his clothes are always perfectly ironed and unruffled. Despite this, not many people feel very attracted to him. His good looks are classical, cold and unsmiling and his concern for his appearance seems less an expression of the natural, human urge to impress others and more an attempt to adhere to some impossible standard of perfection set by himself, for himself. His manner is wry and aloof and he maintains a distance between himself.


Personal History:

Aldon Highgale grew up in New Braem, the only child of prosperous local merchants. He was agreed by all to be a strange though gifted child. He developed an early passion for the game of stones and soon became very skilled at it, but he rarely chose to play against any one else. Instead he played long games against himself, spending hours simply staring at the board before making each next move. His parents paid for him to recieve a good education, engaging various tutors and even sometimes paying for the books which he ordered from Caemlyn and Cairhien (a common complaint in the town was how the Highgales spoiled young Aldon). He also took up the flute, practised it dilligently and reached an impressive level of skill, before suddenly ceasing to practise and giving the instrument away. Intensely solitary and secretive by nature, he spent a great deal of time walking in the woods alone. He had a great deal of casual friends, would-be fashionable young men and a few young women, who admired his casual confidence and strove to emulate his eccentricities, but no intimates.


The years passed by. Aldon took several trips abroad, overseeing some of his father's wagons on trips to the south and north, and seemed all set to take over his father's business in time. Strange news was beginning to reach New Braem. There were rumours of riots in Caemlyn, of wars in other lands, of Aiel seen west of the Dragonwall, of strange soldiers in the west, false Dragons declaring themselves and gathering forces, of famines and droughts and huge packs of wolves moving through the wilderness.. One by one, many of the town's young people slipped away -some after tearful goodbyes, some simply leaving a note behind. They went south, to join the Queen's Guards or north to seek employ with the Aes Sedai of Tar Valon. Some simply took to the road with no plan whatsoever in mind, feeling that the end of the world had come and all bonds had been broken.


Aldon remained in the town, until one day, news came that the Dragon Reborn had declared an amnesty on all male channelers, and asked all those men who could channel or wished to in order to serve the Dragon and the Light, to come to Caemlyn to join the new 'Black Tower'. That night, Aldon slipped away without a word of goodbye to his parents, and made his way south to Caemlyn.


Since he has not yet manifested any ability to channel, why does Aldon voluntarily wish to condemn himself to certain insanity and death? Under the surface of cool irony, does he in fact believe in the cause of the Dragon Reborn and his Asha'man? Does he simply wish to taste the power of saidin for himself, even at the high cost it demands? Or is he simply acting on an utterly perverse whim? Enigmatic as ever, Aldon has not so far revealed anything of his motives to the Black Tower recruiters. Only the incredibly harsh, brutal regimen of training at the Black Tower may be the one thing that can strip away all of Aldon's layers of poise and irony and reveal, once and for all, what kind of man the merchant's son truly is.

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