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A Ghost Enters the Tower (Krissy and Goober) ;)


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Looking up at the tower, Elizabeth shivered in her overly sized dress and thin cloak. Both were hardly more than rags, but they were what had been provided to her since... that night. Her whole body still ached, and her face was often hidden by her hair, which was matted with mud and blood. The Aes Sedai had kept trying to tell her to clean up, but Elizabeth was far too weak to take time to wash. The mud on her body almost helped to keep her warm in the winter chill of the north. And anytime that the women tried to touch her to clean or Heal her wounds, Elizabeth screamed and told them to not touch her. After just Healing the wounds so they wouldnt bleed, Elizabeth told them to not touch her, that she didnt want to be looked at or touched by anyone. She was tired of that. She just wanted to hide.


Her nights were still filled with her fears, and after the weeks of travel to Tar Valon, she was begining to wonder if she would ever get there. Anytime she would ask how much further, she was simply told that patience was a virtue, and she had better learn it. Well, Elizabeth had been waiting her whole life for something to go her way, and now that it was danging before her, she knew she would hurt anyone that dare to lie to her at this fragile state. She was ready to just start learning whatever it was these ladies wanted and get out. Honestly, it wasnt even like she was as strong as they were making her out to be. She would much prefer to be looking for her siblings than out here on a wild goose chase for her power. Well, it was better than Edwyn...


Shivering, she pulled the cloak tighter around her, and rode her horse forward. Perhaps she would get some better clothing, and a nice warm bath. Maybe even some food. The Aes Sedai were rude and gave her only a few pieces at a time, but kept telling her that too much would hurt her. Hurt her! After all that she had been through, and not eating for what seemed like weeks, the Aes Sedai actually thogut that food would hurt her. And she had to be “Healedâ€. She didnt see why. The wounds were scabbing over now, and she wasnt bleeding. She would be fine. The hocus pocus medicine the one woman had done on her was enough, no reason to be “Healedâ€. After all, never fix something that isnt broken.


She was led into the tower halls, and she saw girls in white dresses running around. Everyone seemed to look at her, and Elizabeth tried to hide in her cloak. The hood was up, and her hair was down around the scar, and her arms hidden under the cloak with her rags to barely fit her, but every moment she looked up, her bright blue eyes startled someone. And why wouldnt she surprise someone. She was hardly pretty, and almost scary. Long dark hair and bright eyes, hardly any color in her skin and skinny as could be... she felt like the ghost she appeared as. Perhaps that would change.


Going up a stairway, Elizabeth was trying to take everything in and not fall over. She was still so cold, even though inside was warm. But she had been on the road for days with barely any clcothes, so she was still frozen to the bone. She didnt even notice when the women with her knocked on some big door. They took one last look at her, then walked down the hallway, leaving her there. What in the light? The door opened behind her, and she turned to look, dropping in a curtsy. “Elizabeth Ferido, ma’am.†Looking up, the hair around her scar fell back as did the hood, and her horrifying face was bared to the woman before her as the bright blue eyes full of wonder met the mature ones.




Scared Little Chica

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Faerzyne comforted the whippet of a novice seated in front of her as best she could. Her position as overseer of the White Tower initiates meant she more often handed out correction and punishments, yet there were times when she also offered a shoulder to cry on, for those in need. It was disconcerting at times, Faerzyne herself had never been one prone to tears or 'female' outbursts of emotion, yet to some of these girls, she was the closest thing they now had to a mother.


Offering the sniffling girl a handkerchief from her pocket, Faerzyne patted the girl's back lightly, from where she was kneeling in front of her, bells in her braids faintly tinkling with the motion. "There now child, dry your tears." She said softly, soothingly. The girl nodded, dabbing at her moist cheeks. She had been in the office now for some time, crying with homesickness, though now at least it seemed she was feeling better, her sobs subsiding. Faerzyne could hardly recall the words she had spoken to soothe her, but they seemed to work as the girl mustered a shaky smile.


"Thankyou, Aes Sedai." The girl managed as Faerzyne stood, awarding her with a smile as a tingling sensation passed over her, a sure sign that one of her wards had been set off. As if on cue a knock sounded on the door. "Off with you now girl." Said Faerzyne gently, leading her to the door. Opening it, the novice dropped a curtsey and scurried past, leaving a bewildered looking girl in her wake. Not clothed as an initiate, she had the appearance of an outsider, a petitioner perhaps.


"My name is Faerzyne Grigory, Mistress of Novices." Toned Faerzyne, waving the girl into the office and closing the door softly behind her. "How can I help you?" Waving to a chair, she moved behind her desk, looking over it curiously at the newcomer.


~Faerzyne Grigory, MoN

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