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a scientist said so.  Before he landed he thought to himself, scientists are idiots.


(But in that case, no one cares who's fault it is, because they're too busy laughing)

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    • Yeah but if we were literally talking about a ban on all guns it wouldn't matter if you called something a machine gun, assault weapon, an assault rifle or a one eyed purple people killer. You want it banned regardless.
    • Really? It took me like two minutes maybe less. 
    • It does when the legal language uses the word scientific word Fetus, when science states it's an embryo. If they had referred to it as a less scientific word like baby, it leaves itself with less room for attack on technicalities. It's like a Liberal calling an AR-15 a Machine Gun. No. Just No.
    • I had to scroll quite far on his twitter page before it became indisputable that he is Muslim.  The newest stuff was just regular old newsie stuff for his neck of the woods. Once I got past the news stuff and things he actually tweeted, yea he is.
    • Yeah I looked up his twitter. If you scroll enough it becomes clear.
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