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Approved WT bio for Sandrilene - CC'd by CoL


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Username: Sandrilene fa Toren (\"Sandry\" for short)

Handle at DM/WT: Sandrilene fa Toren

Email: Jaina0Solo@gmail.com


Physical Description: Sandry has long wavy auburn hair, crystal blue eyes that act as a window to her emotions (a fact that she hates and fiercely tries to hide) her eyes also have a tendency to change shades of blue depending up on the color she is wearing (not that it will matter since she will be wearing white all the time). She is roughly five feet three inches tall, with a thin but athletic build that shows the muscle structure of one who has done at least some training and ridden on horseback a great deal. She has light freckles across her nose that get darker when she spends to much time in the sun, and a fine slashing scar on her left shoulder from an accident when she was eight and interrupted her brothers during their sword practice, it still bothers her from time to time but she usually ignores it.

Place of birth: Amadicia

Age: 15

Character History: Sandry was the only girl of a noble family in Amadicia. She comes from a long legacy of servants of the Light, dating as far back as anyone cares to remember. Her father and both her older brother\'s serve as officers within the Children of the Light and her three younger siblings plan to follow in their footsteps.



So now I come to the part of the story that causes all to change. When I say "was" above it is not by pure accident. I say, "was" because Sandry quickly found herself rejected by her family upon the discovery of her "condition" as they call it. Basically, the truth of it is that while traveling abroad to visit family her mother and she came across an Aes Sedai at a tavern they were staying in. The Aes Sedai became interested in Sandry for some reason and decided to test her, much to the girls disdain. The Aes Sedai discovered that Sandry could learn to channel and informed her mother that she needed to be sent to the White Tower right away. Sandry's mother wrote to her father immediately and he quickly arrived in the town they were in to hear for himself the truth of his daughter's betrayal. Even when Sandry promised her parents and brothers that she wanted nothing to do with the White Tower or the Tar Valon Witches they deemed her cursed and unfit to be a member of their family. Sandry had no other choice but to go with the Aes Sedai and be entered into the book of Novices.



Sandry was and still is by no means a completely willing participant in the path the Wheel chose for her. In the beginning she tried to talk the Aes Sedai into leaving her in the village to fend for herself and when that didn\'t work she even tried to run away a few times on the journey. Until the Aes Sedai put an end to that with her first lesson in Tower discipline.



Sandry is a noble in every way, albeit one who was raised with a house full of boys. She is not afraid to fight back, and was even taught a little swordplay and archery by her brothers. She especially enjoys archery, her third brother made a bow and quiver for her fifteenth birthday and she still carries it with her. The only other things she brought with her from her family is the flute her eldest brother whittled for her when she was a little girl--she has always loved music and uses it as her greatest comfort, and her horse which she rode to Tar Valon on.



Sandry is as fiery, headstrong, proud and stubborn as any noble and can often be temperamental and withdrawn--this combined with her youth often causes her to act and speak impulsively; although in the face of punishment she carries herself with quiet, if not smoldering elegance, which can be infuriating to others. A redeeming quality of Sandry\'s is that she possesses a tenderness and gentleness towards those weaker than herself, whether human or animal, which stems from some inner need to take care of someone or something. This can also get her in trouble since she has a tendency to stand up for and defend anyone she sees as being mistreated, no matter whom she is standing up too.

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Guest Sandrilene fa Toren

Thanks for your comments about my Bio and I am really glad it passed I am excited to play Sandrilene through.

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