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The Gathering Storm in less than Six Words [Just For Fun. No Spoilers]


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Rand's a fool, Shai'tan's old tool


Galina cried for her forgotten pride


Padan Fain the old forgotten stain  


Moiraine burned, the bard has returned


Shai'tan burns, its the foxes turn

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So, who wants to tell me how many words there can be in a sentence with less than six words... ;D





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I feel so geeky when I find myself laughing out loud at some of these.


"Stuff happens after FOUR YEAR wait!"


'nuf said.

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Save world?  Then die?  No way!


Smooth skirt.  Tug braid.  Who's nervous?


No hand?  No problem! Forward March!


Be nice!  Be polite!  Then die.


Oosquai?  Sassara?  Not me.  Wasn't there.


Dark One?  Tarmon Gai'don?  Maybe later.

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Mat enters Finnland: "I'm back, b*tches!"




TGS in less than 6 words:

"Holy *&^%!!!!"




Oh great. Now we know about the quality of the fecal content in the book. And I believe I said no spoilers.


Thanks Jason. Just thanks.

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Egwene triumphs, Mat prepares, Rand despairs


Gawain's geekiness waxes, Failes freakiness wanes  (in other words Gawain on stage, Faile off stage)


Seanchan say, Dragons scary, Dragon scarier





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